Friday, May 4, 2012

The Spineless & Gutless NFLPA

Today the spineless and gutless NFLPA filed a grievance with the NFL regarding the suspensions of two current and two former New Orleans Saints players. I've lost any respect I've ever had for the union, which isn't very much.

Instead of condemning the actions of thug players like Jonathan Vilma, the NFLPA decided it wants a power struggle with the NFL. In my opinion, the association leadership is made up of disgusting human beings. These evil people only care about personal gain and not the integrity of their union and players.

I thought the NFLPA was supposed to protect their players. How are you protecting your members if you don't condemn actions of a few thugs who were part of a bounty system intended to inflict injury on their fellow members.

Most of the players who've spoken out are disgusted by the Saints bounty system and many were calling for a life-time ban of Vilma. Instead of listening to its membership and acting in an ethical manner, the union has decided to fight the suspensions of these four players.

I've heard some of the NFL's side of the story and listened to some of the the audio of Gregg Williams, directing his team on how to inure players. Vilma is never heard questioning Williams. He never came forward to the NFLPA or the NFL with regards to the bounty system.

If I were a member of the NFLPA, I would be disgusted with it. How can any current member feel that the NFLPA has their best interests at heart. How can anyone feel that the NFLPA is protecting them from rogue and disgusting players?

NFLPA union head, DeMaurice Smith is a horrible person. That's my opinion. A good and ethical person would be disgusted by the actions of a handful of players and he wouldn't be supporting their disgusting behavior. Smith should be thinking of the union as a whole and what is best for them.

In my opinion, Smith is devoid of faith and respect for the Almighty. Anyone who has any ounce of decency and faith, would condemn the actions of Vilma and his fellow gangsters. If a person has faith, they would believe that the Almighty wouldn't approve of those types of actions. Of course, that's just my opinion.

Smith should have spoken out about bountygate and made it clear that the union would have no part in supporting the actions of these thugs. I also think that any player who hasn't spoken out or contacted Smith with their objections about his intent to fight the suspensions, are gutless human beings as ell.

In the end, it will be the NFLPA who loses. I'm sure most fans are disgusted by their behavior. As fan, I want more players to voice their disapproval of DeMaurice "Evil" Smith. Until that happens, I will think all players who remained silent are spineless and gutless.

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