Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Should Donovan McNabb Receive Another Chance?

Sports blogs and sports sites have been a buzz lately as Donovan McNabb fights for another shot at landing a quarterback job. He's trying to convince teams that he still has something left in the old tank. So should McNabb receive another chance?

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Andy Reid  who is Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and was McNabb's coach when Mcabb played for the Eagles,believes he should. He recently endorsed the quarterback and told other teams that they should give him a chance.

I think Reid is being loyal and also remembers the old McNabb. I had the unpleasant opportunity of watching McNabb play for the Minnesota Vikings last year. He was terrible. It was embarrassing. McNabb threw the ball into the ground more times than he threw to his receivers hands.

It was obvious that McNabb wasn't in shape and their were rumors that he didn't work hard or give a lot of effort. There were also rumblings that McNabb wasn't a great student of the game and didn't work hard to learn the Vikings playbook. That tells me that McNabb is done.

Mike Shanahan who is the Head Coach of the Washington Redskins echoed those concerns. He eluded to his belief that McNabb didn't work hard, was out of shape and didn't study Shanahan's game plan, which was a new playbook for Donovan.

That's insulting to veteran players who work hard and are proud of their craft. Who does McNabb think he is? In my opinion, he feels entitled to respect and blames everything and everyone else for his inability to land on a team. He blames his critics for throwing the football into the turf. He blames his critics for his downfall.

This is not a guy I would take a chance on. I wouldn't want him to play for my favorite team. I already witnessed that debacle.

Yes, their are reports that tubby has lost a few pounds. Woo Hoo. So a professional quarterback took a few minutes out of his day to stop eating ho hos and walk a few blocks? OK, so I'm exaggerating a little bit but the poster boy for laziness and eating fast food is a joke.

He can't throw. His mechanics are nearly non-existent and he has a poor work ethic. Back to the original question. Should McNabb receive another chance at being a quarterback for an NFL team. No way. He shouldn't even start for my local high school.

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