Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rolando McClain May Serve Jail Time During 2012 Season

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was charged with assault of a man in Decatur on May 18th. McClain will serve 180 days in jail for his actions--bringing many sports fans to wonder if he will have to serve these days during the 2012 football season.

According to McClain’s attorney he might not have to serve until after all petitions are filed with the court and run their due process. “Under Alabama law the process starts all over again,” says Harvey Steinberg, McClain’s attorney.

Rishard Tapscott, the victim in this case, told the court that McClain threatened to kill him, pointed a pistol at his head, then fired a shot next to his ear outside a home. The McClain camp has different feelings of the situation. Steinberg told the Decatur Daily that, “the city trial [was] “meaningless” because an appeal to Morgan County Circuit Court will result in the case being retried before a jury. I wanted to put this on so we could show how ridiculous this entire situation is. It truly is. There’s no basis for it. Our feeling was that we should go through it so we could put out there that Rolando did very little, if anything, wrong. He certainly didn’t do anything criminal.”

Until the entire case is tried, many are wondering if Roger Goodell will suspend McClain during the season anyway. He has done this for other players who were facing criminal charges. Because McCain’s contract is based on him playing a 16 game season, he could be seeing a cut in his salary because of this case. On top of possibly losing his salary, McClain will also possibly be hit with a $250,000 fine from Tapscott as well.

NFL players have had a long history of getting into criminal problems. Whether it is multiple DUI charges, assault at a night club, or in this case assault at a home, many professional football players seem to get in trouble from time to time. If we broaden this look to all professional athletes you will find a similar story.

Do professional athletes need to live up to the high standards of being in the limelight—and there for roll models for many boys and girls? There are two sides to this argument. One being they are still people and people make mistakes. The other is they have a duty to all of the boys and girls who look up to them.

No matter what side of the argument you fall on, there are good and bad points to both. Does playing professional football mean you need to make sure you don’t get in trouble with the law because of the extra publicity it will get? Is it true sometimes people make bad decisions but they aren’t necessarily bad people?

Let us know your thoughts and what you think McClain’s fait should be this fall. Should he get suspended even if he doesn’t have to spend time in jail during the season?

Abby Evans is an avid blogger and loves writing about sports and sports related injuries that may or may not require a hinged knee brace. In her spare time she is training for half marathons and finding the perfect knee braces to get her through her races.

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