Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ray Lucas is a Player Who Believes in Personal Responsibility

Ray Lucas is a player who believes in taking personal responsibility for his painkiller addiction. He doesn't blame the NFL and believes the game provided him with a number of opportunities.

In an era where current and former players want to blame someone else for their misgivings and don't want to take responsibility for their actions, it's refreshing to read about Ray Lucas and the man that he has become.

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Ray Lucas played quarterback for the New York Jets and took painkillers for various injuries that he sustained on the field of play. Lucas became addicted to those painkillers. Instead of laying blame against the NFL, he took responsibility for beating his addiction.

Many drug addiction councilors would probably agree that this was the right approach. Lucas could have decided to join the many lawsuits that blame the NFL for their injuries and their problems that occurred during their playing days after they retired.

Ray Lucas takes the opposite approach and believes that the NFL isn't to blame for his addiction. His argument is that no one forced him to continue to take painkillers after their intended use had expired. He believes that it was his choice.

Lucas is a good role model for the younger generation. I hope that current and future young men listen to his message of taking responsibility for their lives. Lucas is a strong human being. Many people struggle for years to beat their habits. Lucas didn't allow his drugs of choice to beat him. He tackled his problems and he did it by acting like an adult.

I wish more players would follow his lead. It sickens me that there are 100's of lawsuits from former players who are trying to get a great pay day by suing the NFL. These players are blaming the NFL for their injuries. Every player that plays any sports let alone professional sports, knows that there is an inherent risk of playing sports.

I know that if I play a pickup game of football, that an injury could occur. I take that chance and the responsibility that comes with making the decision to continue to play recreational sports. If I get injured and I have, it wasn't anyone's fault. It's what's called an accident or an unfortunate part of choosing to play sports.

While it's sad that some people in our society want to blame someone else for their actions, it's refreshing that Ray Lucas is a person who believes in taking personal responsibility for his life. He's better off for it and he's able to move on in his life. Kudos to Lucas. I wish their were more athletes like him.

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