Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phoenix Coyotes Players are Blabbering Idiots

Phoenix Coyotes players are blabbering idiots. They are still fuming for a non-call on what they think was a kneeing penalty by Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings on Coyotes player Michal Rozsival .  The officials made the right call. Brown made a clean play but the sore losers will not let this go.

The Kings dominated the series and deserved to win. Mike Smith of the Coyotes wants Brown banned forever. As I just said, it wasn't a penalty but maybe the NHL should ban Smith for his vicious hack to Dustin Brown earlier in the series. That hack was extremely vicious and worthy of Smith being banned for a long time. So Smith should keep his mouth shut. I now hate the cry baby more than ever.

Shane Doan was upset with the officiating during the series and felt that his team was robbed. Shane, should grow up. The officials missed calls on both teams and didn't favor one team over another. I understand that the losers are upset but the mark of a great team and great players are how they handle adversity.

The Coyotes are cry babies and poor losers. The way they handled the post game festivities is laughable. It makes hate the team even more. I loved every minute of the overtime winner last night and the actions by Coyotes players after they were defeated.

I just love to see Phoenix lose. It's even greater when they lose in dramatic and heartbreaking fashion. It was awesome to see their anger and anguish. I used to like Shane Doan. Now I have pity on him and I think it's hilarious that he's played his whole career with the Coyotes and has never won a cup.

I hope he retires without ever going to a Stanley Cup Finals. His actions after the loss yesterday shows me that he's not a champion. He doesn't have what it takes. He's just a born loser and it puts a smile on my face.

I also hope that Mike Smith is flash in the pan. I will wish for him to have terrible seasons going forward. He's a flopper who tries to draw penalties. He's a dirty player who hacks opposing players and he's poor loser. He's also delusional.

I hope Mike Smith has a horrible offseason, thinking about how they lost to the Kings. Phoenix who was dominated by the Kins in overtime and who lost it after the non-call, fell apart and couldn't compose themselves. It was amazing to watch. Then in the blink of an eye, the Coyotes were knocked out of the players and sent searching for soothers.

They couldn't find any soothers so the crying and blabbering idiots started sucking their thumbs. The Vancouver Canucks used to be the team I hated most and the Coyotes were a close second. After this year's playoffs, the Coyotes reign supreme in being my most hated team.

Coyotes fans. I sure hope this hurts really bad after that devastating loss. To soothe your pain, you should read the NHL rulebook and also learn something about hockey. You need to learn about the sport.

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