Wednesday, May 9, 2012

PGA Supports Discrimination of Women by Augusta

According to PGA commissioner Tim Finchem, the PGA has a policy of not to allowing clubs who discriminate in its membership policies to host a PGA  tournament. That policy includes the exclusion of female members. Finchem went on to say that it doesn't hold the Masters to that standard, because of the "lofty status" of that tournament.

My first reaction is that Finchem is not only supporting discrimination of women but a hypocrite. The PGA either has policy against discrimination or it doesn't. By having a policy but not enforcing it against Augusta, it is saying that it supports the discrimination of Women by Augusta.

This is disgusting. Anyone who is a golf fan, should boycott the PGA. The thing the PGA cares about is the greenback. Without fan support, sponsorship will decline and the PGA will be relegated to a nothing association.

The PGA is gutless and disgusting. What if Augusta prohibited African American, Hispanic or Jewish membership? Would it still allow Augusta to continue to host the Masters as a PGA sanctioned tournament? Of course not. No company would sponsor the event.

I'm disgusted that any company in America would sponsor this event. Does anyone have a backbone anymore? Why aren't female customers boycotting any company that sponsors the Masters? I think Augusta is living in the dark ages and we should keep it there.

I thought our society had progressed. It hasn't. There's still idiots who hold key positions within company's associations and golf clubs. While Augusta is a private club and technically isn't breaking the law, it comes into the public eye during the masters. 

The Masters is televised on national television and is sponsored by public companies. In my opinion, that takes away the private status during the Masters tournament weekend. 

Since the PGA is gutless and will not enforce its own rules when it comes to Augusta, we as fans should boycott the PGA. Sports is supposed to be about fairness and equality. I expect our sports leagues to uphold that ideal.

The PGA has failed miserably. It's failed to uphold its own rules. It's failed in its explanation of why it allows Augusta to host the Masters or any PGA sanctioned event.

I'm disgusted by Finchem's explanation that Augusta isn't held to the same standards as other clubs, because of its status. As mentioned earlier, the PGA by its own explanation is supporting the discrimination of women at Augusta. That's unacceptable and disgusting.

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