Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peyton Manning Ranked Ridiculously Low By His Peers

Peyton Manning was ranked number 50 (Out of 100) by NFL recent NFL players ranking. That is a ridiculously low ranking. It's hard to take the ranking seriously when a guy with Manning's body of work is rewarded with a putrid showing like this.

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NFL players obviously ranked Manning low because he missed all of last year with a neck injury. It's fair to question if he will return to form in 2013. The problem with this reasoning is that Manning has been arguably a top 3 player for most of his career. Even if his peers are uncertain about his playing ability, it shows a lot of disrespect to drop him 47 spots in the ranking.

With a result like this, it makes me feel like his peers are a bunch of cracker jacks. We've heard about a lot of stupid actions by NFL players this offseason. Things just keep getting more outlandish by the day. I'm confident that most NFL fans and critics will think that this ranking is absurd.

Since the ranking is so absurd, you have to discount it all together. The ranking should be flushed down the toilet like other pieces of #2. It makes me wonder if players were thinking they were taking the Wonderlic test and didn't rank all the players correctly. Maybe they couldn't understand the rules of the ranking and randomly placed names in random order.

If I were ranking Manning, I would rank him at  #20. I think that number is low but it honestly reflects my concerns and uncertainty for Manning heading into the 2012 season. It also reflects how I feel about Peyton's ability. We've heard lots of accounts that Manning's arm strength has improved and that he's made a lot pf progress. Teams took a look at him and were impressed. a number of teams wanted to sign him to lucrative contracts before the Denver Broncos finally won the Peyton Sweepstakes.

I think that Peyton is one of the most talented players in the game and also one of the smartest. Those are intangibles that you can't discount. The big question for me is how he'll hold up throughout the season. Can Peyton stand the test of a entire NFL campaign? Will the punishment he endures take a toll on his neck and cause additional injuries? Those questions can't be answered right now.

In my ranking, I took that uncertainty and factored it into my equation. I then factored all of Peyton's strengths and things that have made him a great player. I looked at how he played in the season(s) preceding his injury problems.

If I focus just on his injury and my uncertainty, he would rank #50. If I only look at his strengths and eliminated my uncertainty, he would rank in the top 2. A #2 ranking would be just as ridiculous as a #50 ranking. It would make me look like as big a jack ass as Manning's peers. My ranking of #20 is fair. it factors the good and the bad.

It's too bad that Manning's peers aren't as realistic as I am and ranked Manning ridiculously low.

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