Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Packers Fans are Much Better Fans Than Vikings Fans

While it pains me to say this, Green Bay Packers fans and the state of Wisconsin are much better football fans than Minnesota Vikings fans. My feelings about the Packers are well documented on Sportmentary.com but the truth is the truth.

Green Bay Packers--Lambeau Field: Green Bay, WISCONSIN - Lambeau Field
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Can you imagine if legislators in Wisconsin ever delayed a vote on a new Packers stadium or even considered not building one, if the team's future in Green Bay or the state was questioned? That wouldn't happen. The state of Wisconsin is made up of citizens who are predominantly die-hard fans of the Packers. They would never let their team leave. It's not an option.

In Minnesota, with our fake and destructive Minnesota nice attitude, we are not fighting for our Vikings, a  team that has over 50 years of history in our state. We call ourselves sports fans. We call ourselves football fans but we're a joke and a laughing stock to any fan group that really supports their teams.

Minnesota nice hasn't gotten the Vikings anywhere. Zygi Wilf, an outsider believed he could play within the nice attitude and win over legislators. What he received in return was being stabbed in the back. Wilf is the best owner in sports, has tried to do everything to keep the team in Minnesota and is even willing to spend more money than any owner in the history of American professional sports.

That Minnesota nice attitude backfired. Fans and legislators don't want to invest in a foreigner's stadium. Even some die hard fans are trying to play it nice. That doesn't work when you are dealing with an incompetent legislature and Senate. The only thing these clowns understand is playing hard ball.

It might be too late to play Minnesota Angry but that's what's needed. The state of Wisconsin and their citizenry are much stronger. They have more convictions than us and they sure as heck know how to support their football team.

Minnesota should look to their neighbors in Wisconsin and learn what it means to be a fighter. They should look to Packers fans to see what a true fan looks like, because if a Minnesota sports fan looks in the mirror right now to see what a fan looks like, all they will see are rotten tomatoes.

If you are angry what this Vikings fan is saying, all I can say is boo hoo. We as a fan group have failed our state, our team and ourselves. It's time to fight for our team. It's time to show Packer fans and other fan groups that we care about our NFL team.

Until we do that, we will have failed and we would be losers. All we will have left is looking at Wisconsin to see waht a real fan is and how they support their team. Maybe we should enlist their help and ask them; "How do I keep my team from moving?"

Their answer might be that you have to have purple in your blood. Minnesota does not bleed purple. That means they are fair weather and bandwagon fans. That means that they really aren't good fans, especially when measured against Wisconsin and Green Bay Packers fans.

Right now Minnesota Vikings fans look like losers. Our team's future is in the air and we can't even measure up to a state that is our biggest rival. I'm sure people in Wisconsin are looking down at us and laughing. They're laughing because that would be unimaginable in Wisconsin!

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