Monday, May 21, 2012

Orlando Magic Dumps Van Gundy has reported the Orlando Magic Dumped Stan Van Gundy on Monday. This is a terrible decision. Van Gundy  was a great coach and the Magic's success can be attributed to him. He built them into a winner and made them a respectable franchise. In my opinion, the Magic have allowed a scumbag player (Dwight Howard) to dictate the firing of a coach.

Earlier this year, the Magic denied that Howard had requested that Van Gundy be fired. They can deny anything they want but the firing is evidence to me that those allegations were correct. Howard is a degenerate and a dirtbag who played games with the team and acted like a cry baby.

Howard is poor excuse of a professional. He also didn't do his part to try and make the Magic successful in the playoffs this season. If I were management, I would have retained Van Gundy and parted ways with a player who is a head case. Howard is not the type of player that I would want on my team.

You don't know which personality of Howard will take over. It will either be the remorseful and mild Howard who apologizes for the circus he created or the Howard who acts like a child and throws a hissy fit. Howard is a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. He should be dumped by the Magic. I don't believe they can win with the guy. He's too volatile.

It would be one thing to fire Van Gundy because he didn't bring the Magic a championship. That may be what the Magic will say was the reason but that's garbage. I think that a reasonable person can infer that they made this decision because they believe that Howard might sign a long-term contract now that Van Gundy is out of the picture.

The problem is that they now set a precedent for the team. Any player, no matter how disruptive they are to the team, will now be able to dictate management decisions. If I were a credible head coach in the NBA and one with the ethics, I would stay away from the Orlando Magic. The Magic is a cancer in my opinion. The Whole team and management needs to be gutted. There seems to be no one with a backbone on the team's management.

Stan Van Gundy has a career coaching record of  334-179 with a playoff record of 47-35. That means that Van Gundy's teams have won over 65% of their games. That's a pretty good record. As Orlando's Head Coach, he had a record of 222-106. The Magic won 55.5 games per year on average under Van Gundy and had a regular season winning percentage of over 67%.

Van Gundy's Orlando teams also won over 55% of their playoff games and never missed the playoffs under his tenure. Those records speak for themselves as far as I'm concerned.

I think it's disgusting that the Magic dumped Van Gundy in this fashion, especially since I believe they allowed Dwight Howard to dictate this course of action. Even if you believe that Howard didn't request this firing, his actions definitely forced the issue.

By acting like a complete and utter disgrace and being a disruptive force during the end of the season and into the playoffs, Dwight Howard's actions were the root cause of the decision by Magic management to relieve Van Gundy of his duties. That's disgusting.

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