Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Original Winnipeg Jets (Phoenix Coyotes) Are Out!

The Original Winnipeg Jets, otherwise known as the Phoenix Coyotes or as I like to call them, the Desert Dogs shave been eliminated from the playoffs. This is a beautiful moment for me. I don't think that city deserves an NHL team. The NHL should have shipped them out to a real hockey market years ago.

Signed Dustin Penner Photograph - 8X10 COAThe LA Kings outplayed the Coyotes in the series. If it wasn't for the exceptional play of Mike Smith and Shane Doan, the Coyotes could have been humiliated in the series. On Tuesday night, the Kings didn't give up through 3 periods and sent it to an extra frame to get the win.

The Kings dominated the desert dogs in the overtime (OT) period. The Coyotes deserved to lose this game. They looked like a team hanging on for their lives, hoping to get one lucky bounce. That didn't happen. With 2:18 left in OT, Dustin Penner took advantage of his chance in front of Mike Smith and buried the game winner.

The Coyotes and their clueless fans were angry as they thought a penalty should have been called on Dustin Brown just seconds earlier. We can forgive the fans of the desert for not knowing the rules, since they would rather be getting their tan on.

The fans thought that Dustin Brown kneed Coyotes player Michal Rozsival. Rozsival was hurt on the play. It didn't look like a penalty to me. It was purely accidental. Besides the injury, it was great and fitting ending to the game.

The Coyotes let the hit and non-call effect them. They were so mad at what occur ed that they let LA take advantage of their anger and confusion. You could feel that an LA goal was coming. Mike Smith erupted like a volcano when he let in the game winner. It was hilarious. I had to take time out from cheering to laugh at the Coyotes fans and Mike Smith.

I've said before that the Kings needed to get 40 to 50 shots on net in order to try and get a few goals. Tonight the Kings had 51 shots and scored 4 goals. Mike Smith wasn't used to letting in 4 goals in this playoffs, so it was awesome to see him act like a cry baby at the end of the game.

Boo hoo to the Coyotes. It's great to see them fall short. I don't like them. I'm so happy I won't have to see them in another game this season. I hope they enjoy watching the Stanley Cup Finals. They could then see a great Kings team fight for a cup.

The Kings have been fun to watch this playoff season. The OT period on Tuesday was one of the my favorite moments all playoffs. It was great to see the Kings defeat the Coyotes on their home ice. It was awesome to hear the fans yell and scream at the refs, who they blamed for the outcome of the game.

Once again, I say boo hoo to the fans. The only thing that upsets me about the Coyotes right now is that it looks like they have an owner who will keep the team in Phoenix. I think Phoenix is a terrible market for hockey.

A bright spot for me is that the original Winnipeg Jets is still cursed. Maybe it will be OK that the Coyotes are staying in the desert, if they continue to have their hearts broken and they continue to be cursed.

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