Thursday, May 10, 2012

Minnesota Twins Spanked Again

The Minnesota Twins were spanked again by the Los Angeles Angels and this time it was by the score of 6-2. The Twins must love to be spanked and aren't embarrassed by being demolished game after game. The Twins have the worst team in the Majors and show no signs of improving.

Target Field 2010 Interior
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The Twins are a joke. You'd think that professional players would have enough pride and wouldn't want to be horsewhipped on a nightly basis. The team has a record of 8-22. That's eight wins in their first 30 games. That is awful. The Twins have a winning percentage of .267. At this rate, the Twins will win only 43 games and would finish with 119 losses.

Local Twin Cities personality Dan Cole, AKA The Common Man has a daily bit on his show called the drive for 135. That's 135 losses and would tie the major league record for losses that was set by the Cleveland Spiders in 1899.

While Cole might be poking fun at the clowns who wear Twins uniforms, it really isn't funny if you're a Twins fan. This team is a joke and the only good thing about the team is Target Field. Target Field is a great place to watch opposing teams destroy the Twins. A team's home field is supposed to be the place to win the majority of their games.

That's not the case with the 2012 version of the Minnesota Twinkies. The Twinkies have won only 4 of fourteen games this year at Target Field. Actually, Twins tickets are bargain these days. Scalpers are having trouble unloading their tickets and instead of selling Twins tickets at a premium, they are being forced to sell them at a bargain.

We shouldn't feel sorry for Scalpers. They've had two great years and have probably made a killing sticking it to Twins fans. Now Twins fans not only get to watch a major league baseball game (If you call it that) at the best ballpark in the country but you get to watch it for a reasonably affordable price.

Unfortunately for the poor soul who takes the time to watch a Twins game, you will be watching the worst Major League Baseball team in the league. You will be watching a terrible product. You will be watching a team that will be spanked by their opponents.

You will also see Joe Mauer showing his lack of leadership. Joe might be hitting for the average and for stats but he's not being a leader. he's not trying to spark the team. He would rather take a ball then trying to drive the ball.

Joe, like the rest of his team is not worth his salary but in Joe's case he's making 23 million dollars. I expect great things from a player who is making that type of money. I expect more from a player that seemed to take the year off last year, crying about injury after injury. Joe showed a lack of toughness last year and is showing a lack of heart this year.

As a Twins fan, I'm disgusted by the product that is being fielded game after game. I hate to see the team being spanked night after night. It's time that these players take pride in their craft and step up to the plate.

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