Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mike Smith Couldn't Hack His Way to Victory in Game Two

Mike Smith of the Phoenix Coyotes showed that he could lose his focus in game two. To be honest I'm not fan of this goalie. In round he dropped to the ice as if he was hit by a cannon when Chicago Blackhawks player Andrew Shaw accidentally hit him.

Mike Smith 2011-12 ActionThe hit was definitely a penalty but the way that Smith dropped to the ice and then lay there was disgusting. Right after Shaw was taken off the ice, Smith got right back up and acted as if nothing happened. It made me question if he was even hurt. He might have been shaken up a little bit but in my opinion, he wasn't hurt nearly as bad as he made it look.

When players drop to the ice and act like they'd rather be in Hollywood, I lose respect for them. I think when a player goes down the way he did, he should remain out of the game for 20 minutes. Maybe then, players will think twice about flopping. Flopping also makes a player look like a sissy.

Smith actually might have hurt himself flopping. I mean the way he flopped, was harder than the hit he actually sustained. If that incident wasn't enough for my continued dislike for the Phoenix Coyote's goalie, game two provided another reason. Smith took his lumber and smacked it at the back of Los Angeles Kings player Dustin Brown.

It was a vicious hack, one you would expect from a sissy player. Smith's hack on Brown wasn't enough to boost the Phoenix Coyotes to victory in game two. The Kings dominated game two in similar fashion as they did in game one. The difference was that Kings goalie Jonathan Quick was on his game and played really well. The Kings also made sure to capitalize on their chances.

The Kings still have a long way to go, even with a 2-0 series lead but if they keep doing what they've done in the first two games, it will be very hard for the Coyotes to come back. I think that Mike Smith should stick to what he's done best in the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. That's focusing on his netminding.

It's clear that the Kings have gotten into this Smith's head. He's been rattled and now he's turning into a goon show by hacking players. I think that's good for the Kings and terrible for the Coyotes. The Coyotes are trying to play a dirty style type of game. That's not what has worked int he first two rounds.

They need to focus on their skills. Actually, it was Mike Smith that kept the team in the playoffs so far. Now he's losing his focus and that will hurt his team if he doesn't snap out of it quickly.

One thing is certain is that Mike Smith couldn't hack his way to victory in game two. That type of play only fueles the Kings to put more pucks behind him.

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