Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mike Smith Backstops Coyotes to Victory

There has been one consistently positive aspect to the 2012 playoff Phoenix Coyotes. His name is Mike Smith and he has single handedly kept his team in close games, absorbing shot after shot and allowing his team to eke out victories.

Mike Smith 2011-12 Action
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Sunday afternoon was no different. The Coyotes were facing elimination, down 3-0 to the Los Angeles Kings. Mike Smith had a great game again. Not only did he make 36 saves but he also recorded a shoutout. I'm hoping for the Kings to win this series and earn birth into the Stanley Cup Finals but I have to admit that Smith is the backbone of the Coyotes.

Without Smith, the Coyotes wouldn't have made it this far. While Shane Doan has been an inspiration to his team, he's also made some bone headed decisions. Smith on the other hand has been great, game after game. He's the only reason the Coyotes have any chance of turning their 3-0 deficit around.

The Coyotes now have some life and will return to Phoenix for game 5. If the Coyotes can win that game, the Kings will be in trouble. With a goalie like Smith, they can't afford for the Coyotes to gain confidence and momentum.

Smith has been making 30 to 40 saves per game. That's just incredible. Not only is he making many saves, a large portion of them are incredible. The types of saves he's been making leave everyone shaking their heads. He covers the pipes really well and has very good speed and reflexes. It takes a perfect shot to find it's way into the goal. That was proven today. You could see the frustration on the Kings faces.

I do think that the Kings came out flat in game four and didn't have the same speed and skill that they showed in the first 3 games. That skill allowed the Kings to destroy the Coyotes defense. While the Kings had their share of chances, the Coyotes looked a little sharper today. I think that's partly due to the Kings being a little sluggish.

The series will still be a tough one for the coyotes to win but they have a great backstopper in Smith. There's no sign that he will slow down. The Kings will have to pepper him with 50 shots per game going forward to have a chance of netting 1 or 2 goals. They Kings will then have to rely on Jonathan Quick to do his part.

Mike Smith backstopped his team to victory on Sunday afternoon and prevented a Kings Sweep of the Phoenix Coyotes. He will have to continue this great play for the Coyotes to have any chance of advancing into the finals.

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