Friday, May 18, 2012

Celtics Meltdown

The Boston Celtics had a complete meltdown in the second half in game 4 of their playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers. This game had to hurt and it might be hard for the team to rebound in game 5. The 76ers looked down and out but before anyone could get comfortable, the 76ers showed that they had some fight left in them.

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Boston took a 15 point lead into the second half. They left the court, confident that they would steam roll the visiting club and take a strangle hold of the series. The Celtics could have taken a 3-1 lead in the series and been well on their way to a conference championship birth.

In the end, the 76ers won the game by 9 points. That's a 24 point turn around. Now the series is tied 2-2 and Philadelphia has the momentum. This was a huge letdown for the team in green.

With the Miami Heat having troubles with the Indiana Pacers, this was a good opportunity for the Celtics. Winning this series could provide the team with a legitimate shot at getting back to the NBA finals.

It looks like the Celtics needed a guy like Larry Bird tonight. They needed a guy who could take control of the game when the 76ers started building momentum. It's inexcusable that the Celtics to let this game slip away in this fashion.

How can a team have two completely different halves? How can a team come out flying for the first 24 minutes and then take a nose dive in the final 24? How couldn't the Celtics stop the bleeding? How could the team let this happen.

If it weren't so pathetic, it would be funny. Actually, to this Lakers fan, it is funny. At least I can watch another team being as pathetic as my team. For this night, the Celtics took the number one position in being pathetic. Maybe Lakers fans and Celtics do have something in common right now. Both teams seem to be more of a circus than an NBA team.

The tough thing for Celtics fans is that they will have to wait until the next game to see how their team responds. The Celtics will have to play an error free in game 5 and not take anything for granted, even if thay have a big lead. They will have to play a full 48 minutes to prevent Philadelphia from taking the lead in the series.

Philadelphia has played well in this playoff season. The last thing the Celtics wanted to do is give them any reason for allowing them believe that they could win this series.

If Boston would have won the game, I don't think that Philadelphia could have won the series. That's what makes the team's meltdown in the second half so inexcusable.

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