Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mayweather: From the Ring to the Pen

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be going from the ring to the pen. Well that will be the case in a few weeks as he serves a 90 day sentence for clocking his ex-girlfriend. Mayweather plead guilty to a domestic violence charge, the first time he couldn't dodge a jail sentence. has reported that Mayweather had dodged significant jail time in previous domestic violence cases.

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The guy is a dirtbag. In my opinion, he uses women as punching bags. I guess he feels like he has to get his practice in somewhere. Too badhe's beating up defenceless women. That pathetic trainign worked out for the criminal as he won his fight on Saturday, taking his record to 43-0.

Mayweather will earn at least 32 million dollars for this fight. I think it's disgusting that a pig who beats up women for fun, would be allowed by the justice of the peace who sentenced him, to have this fight. The justice of the peace in the case, Melissa Saragosa could have sent this creep to jail right away but yielded to Mayweather's request to honor his fight contract.

I think that part of his punishment should have been to forfeit the fight and his obligations. That would have hurt the scumbag in the pocketbook. That's all that matters to this evil man. Obviously common sense and decency doesn't apply to this man, who seems to love beating women.

Saragosa stated that there are "consequences to your actions" in referring to Mayweather and his criminal behavior. Well that's not entirely true. She only sentenced this violent man to 90 days in jail and has allowed him to earn a minimum payday of 32 million dollars.

What message did he learn? 90 days is nothing. For a woman, to sentence a disgusting human being like this, is horrible. She should be ashamed of herself. Justice would see this sissy, receiving a pain in the you know what, literally but that will not happen. Who's going mess with a world class fighter?

Lets hope that Mayweather lets his guard down when bending over for that soap. It might take a few big inmates to overwhelm the idiot but that would be justice. Maybe they will also take his manhood away. The guy is void if human decency and hopefully he will receive justice for his crimes in the future.

In the mean time, Mayweather should enjoy this win in the ring, because in a few weeks, he will be enjoying a new temporary home for 90 days in the pen.

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