Friday, May 4, 2012

The Last Push - Open Letter of Support for Vikings Stadium

Dear friends, While Republicans in the House of Representatives keep playing their petty politics and hold the future of our beloved Vikings hostage, there will be a vote on a stadium bill on Monday. This is the last push for Vikings fans to try and save their team.

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I'm making a plea tonight for all fans to do your part in saving our Minnesota Vikings. I've tried to do mine. I've contacted my state representatives, one of which is Kurt Zellars, the House Speaker. I urged him to lead and to vote for the bill. I also voiced my displeasure with his leadership and the party's leadership.

I've also written a number of articles here at that have been critical about the process and the people who don't support a Vikings stadium. Tonight is not the time for mud slinging. It's the time for action. It's the time to voice your opinion and have your voice heard.

Contact your state representative and your state senator. Contact Republican representatives. Tell them that you want them to vote for a stadium. You can email them or leave a voice message for them. Click here to find your representative.

You can also show your support for the team at a stadium rally at the Sears Courtyard at Mall of America tomorrow at 12:30 PM. You can find more information on the Vikings Website. Jared Allen will be showing his support at the stadium rally. The team needs you to show up.

The more people that email and phone their legislators and the more people that show up at the rally tomorrow, the more pressure that will be placed on the shoulders of those legislators who are either thinking of voting no or are on the fence.

I made it known to Zellars that he wouldn't receive my vote or my wife's vote in November if he votes no to the stadium bill. These lawmakers need to know where you stand. There is no time left for any pro stadium Minnesotan to sit on their hands and do nothing. This is the time for action. This is our last push.

My friends, if a the stadium bill fails, we will lose our team. Thousands of jobs will be lost. Thousands of potential jobs for the construction of the stadium will be lost and thousands of future stadium jobs will be lost. Millions and millions of state tax revenue and player/executive salary tax revenue will be lost.

Any future effort to lure an NFL team to our state will cost tens of millions of dollars. A Future stadium, down the line will cost 2, 3 or even 4 times the current cost to build and we wouldn't even be guarantewd that we would succeed in our attempt to bring the NFL back to Minnesota. Then there's the issue of state pride. We will be a laughing stock in the sports world.

Can anyone remember how it felt to lose the North Stars? Let's not allow that happen this time. The Vikings have over 50 years of history in the state. They are part of our culture. Lets not let that piece of our culture be ripped from us. Lets's not allow that happen.

So make your opinion and voice be heard this weekend. Let this last push count. Let's do this together.

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