Monday, May 7, 2012

Cole Hamels is a Donkey

Pitcher Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies is a donkey. I will provide my reasons shortly. Hamels was suspended for five games for intentionally throwing a pitch at Washington Nationals player, Bryce Harper on Sunday night.

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So why is Hamels a donkey, AKA idiot? Hamels volunteered his admission of throwing at Harper. I believe that it was prior to the MLB coming knocking on his door. Only an egotistical moron would volunteer this type of information, willingly. Who knows if he would have been suspended had he not volunteered a confession.

Even his manager, Charlie Manuel, was upset with his forthright confession. Manuel had hoped he was a little more subtle. Manuel must realize that he's not dealing with the brightest bulb in the room. In fact this bulb might not even be operational.

Hamels also said that he wasn't trying to hurt Harper. Are you kidding me? You throw a ball at 80, 90 or 100 miles at a person and it's supposed to tickle? Of course that can hurt a guy. Someone needs to sit this imbecile down and educate him on the how injuries can occur. This guy is a complete dolt.

It's obvious that the Phillies have Hamels on their team, purely for his skills as a pitcher. Brains play no part on them keeping him on their team. Yes, I know some people might argue that brains don't matter in sports but I don't believe that. The best players have a good combination of raw talent, skill and smarts. Hamels has two out of three. I guess that's still a pretty good average.

The final reason for calling Hamels a donkey, is that I don't personally agree with throwing pitches at players. Sure, pitchers will brush a player off the plate but intentionally throwing the ball at a batter is classless and akin to goon tactics. I think it makes a pitcher look incompetent. If you are a good pitcher, find another way to intimidate the batters.

A pitcher can dominate opposing batters by performing well on the plate and limiting their chances at getting on base. I believe weak and ineffective players have to resort to throwing at a batter. I know that may be open to debate and some fans may disagree with me.

As a fan, I hate when players resort to any form of violent action that are against the rules, in order to try and win games. If a player is talented, they should be able to win within the rules.

For the reasons mentioned above, Cole Hamels is a donkey!


  1. Cole Hamels doesn't care about you or what you think.

  2. i guess not but it was fun calling him a donkey because that's what he is. :)

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