Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrate Good Times! Come On.

Update: Minneapolis City Council voted in favor of the stadium. Governor Dayton signed the bill into law.

Celebrate good times! come On. It's a celebration for Vikings fans like myself. It's been a nerve racking couple of weeks as we've seen the legislative process play out but with one more vote by the Minneapolis City Council (it's expected to pass) and the inevitable signing of the bill by Governor Mark Dayton, the Vikings have their new stadium and can now focus on rebuilding the team into a winner.

After the Minnesota House of Representatives passed the Vikings bill earlier this morning by a vote of 71 to 60, the senate passed the bill 36-30 in the past hour. You could hear Vikings fans erupting with joy in the chamber and they had to be told to take their celebration outside the chamber.

Two weeks ago, I really believed that the deal would not get done. Vikings fans and Minnesotans made their opinions and voices known to their representatives and legislators. Los Angeles has to wait for their chance but the Vikings are staying where they belong. Over 50 years of tradition will continue in Minnesohta.

I'm so happy right now and I'm celebrating good times. It's definitely a celebration. I was listening to the vote being aired on KFAN radio and as the vote was finalized, Kool & the Gang's Celebration was playing in my head. I will have to play that song all afternoon long.

If you want to celebrate good times with Kool & Gang's song, you can watch the video at the end of this post and celebrate good times.

This is a great time for Vikings fans and we should enjoy it. We as Minnesota sports fans, don't have much to cheer for right now but this is a big day for us. I hate to use this phrase but this is an epic moment. This has to go down as one of the greatest moments in my sports viewing life. Sportmentary is celebrating this moment and I'm so happy to be sharing a feel good story with you. Go Vikings Go!!!!

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