Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Can Tim Tebow Throw?

This might seem like a joke to ask a question like this when referring to an NFL quarterback (QB) but Tim Tebow is no ordinary NFL QB. He's one of the most scrutinized players by NFL experts, many of whom think he can't throw the ball accurately.

Signed Tim Tebow Photograph - 16 x 20After New York Jets Quarterbacks coach, Matt Cavanaugh praised Tebow's improved mechanics, Merril Hoge and Stephen A. Smith of ESPN started ripping on the quarterback. These guys don't buy that his mechanics have improved enough for him to be a traditional QB int he NFL.

Merril Hoge said that he's heard the same thing about Tebow's so called improved mechanics before and that each time, when Tebow entered real game time situations, his instincts and genetics took over. According to Hoge "Half the times its thrown in the dirt...other times it's in the stands". Hoge is referring to Tebow throwing the football and inaccuracy his an NFL quarterback.

Hoge doesn't believe that a QB can change form a QB with poor mechanics to one who's instantly a good throwing QB. He believes that certainty things can't be taught. They're instinctual. My response to Hoge is that he's correct. You can't teach a QB to be a winner. You can't teach a guy to win in comeback fashion. You can't teach a QB to find a way to take your team to the playoffs. You can't teach your QB to lead a game winning drives. That's what Tebow did last year with the Denver Broncos.

Hoge might be right about Tebow's mechanics. He's an unorthodox QB but one thing we've learned from his college career and last year, Tebow is a winner. Since winning is the only thing that counts in sports, he has an intangible asset that most players don't have.

Stephen A. Smith's response was also pointed. According to Smith, "He can't throw...The dude was not effective". To his credit Smith did say he belongs in an NFL jersey but he's not a good passer. I still think the jury is out on that aspect of Tebow's game.

We did witness a shocking game winning TD pass from Tim Tebow in Ovetime against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card game of the playoffs. The Steelers were huge favorites and everyone discounted the effect that Tebow would have. Yes, the guy had about 50 minutes of ineffective football but he showed up when it counted and led his team to another victory.

I think this year will tell us a lot about Tebow's future. Will he be a special team or utility player or will he be a starting QB in the NFL. My gut feeling is that he will be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets by mid season. I think Sanchez is a backup quarterback and he will succumb to the pressure of having a guy like Tebow breathing down his back.

It will take only a few slip ups and miscues for the fans in New York to utter Tebow chants. When that happens, there will be no looking back for the Jets. Sanchez will have a hard time dealing with that type of criticism and will falter.

We'll see if Tebow can prove Merril Hoge and Stepen A. Smitth wrong? We'll see if Tim Tebow can indeed throw the ball accurately.

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