Friday, May 11, 2012

Arizona School Refuses to Play Championship Game Against a School Fielding a Female Player

Cuff-Daddy Cufflinks, shop where stylish cufflinks are affordable! has reported that Our Lady of Sorrows, a religious high school in Arizona will forfeit its championship baseball game against Mesa Preparatory Academy because Mesa is fielding a female player. According to the story, the female player sat out previous games when playing Our Lady. The school was not prepared to have their female player sit out the championship game.

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I'm glad that Mess Preparatory Academy made the right decision, since Our Lady acted in a derogatory way and in my opinion is discriminating against women. You can read the ESPN story and try to understand their position. I tried and I think the school made the wrong decision.

This shouldn't be about religion. As far as I know, there isn't anything specific in the New Testament that prohibits women from playing sports or for boys to compete against girls. It's a cop out for the school to argue along those lines. It's ridiculous.

They should just come out and say that they believe that boys are superior to girls. I believe that's what it comes down to. I believe that every school has a right to practice their religion but when they try to force those beliefs in a public way, that's when it crosses the line. I also believe that the school are afraid to play against a girl. I believe that they're afraid that the girl will play better than them.

An ESPN visitor commented on the story and stated that every opponent that Our Lady faces should field a female player. That way, the school will lose the majority of its games. I think the school is raising a group of shameful and gutless boys. When they become men and have to either work alongside a female employee or compete for a job against a female candidate, they will be at a disadvantage.

Most of their peers will have coping skills and skills to compete in the real world and not one that believes a woman's role is in the home, serving their male kings. I wonder how these boys will be able to tolerate a female supervisor or boss. Will they quit. Are they being taught by Our lady to disrespect female authority?

I think the message this school is sending is a terrible one. It's a terrible life lesson that they are teaching. They are not only failing in their duty of raising men who can compete in a modern world but they are teaching them to be quitters.

Employers don't like quitters. They like men and women who have learned to be resourceful and find ways to solve problems. I would love to be front and center when these sissies from Our Lady of Sorrows have to face a female peer in a competitive or seniority situation.

I can tell you that a female boss will not tolerate a male employee who is disrespectful to them or willfully disregards their authority. That male employee will find his ass on the unemployment line very quickly.

Important Note: Our Lady of Sorrows does not follow the teachings or beliefs of the Catholic Church. This school is part of a society that broke away form the Catholic over 30 years ago. I also want to state that I'm not against people practicing their faith. I'm against a faith forcing their beliefs in a public forum. Once they are in the public eye, then they should be open to criticism.

I also believe that if you play in a public league, you should follow the rules of the league or you should refrain form playing in that public forum. The league should have rules that penalize a team that forfeits games for ridiculous reasons.

By refusing to play a championship game against a school who is fielding a female player, the school is publicizing their discrimination of women. That's just my opinion.

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