Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Distraction for the Miami Minnows

As if the Miami Dolphins AKA Minnows need any more distractions. The team has signed on to be part of the HBO show Hard Knocks. This Dolphins fan is disgusted with the team and feels that the team decisions keep getting worse.

Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints Celebrating 8x10 PhotoThe Dolphins have been criticized by me and by many fans due to the perception that team ownership and management isn't making the right the decisions. They are clueless. The team's focus seems to be in question as well. The team seems more concerned about being a circus than a legitimate NFL franchise.

The decision to be part of the HBO show is a terrible one. The Dolphins don't need any distractions. They don't n a television crew following them around. I'm scared that the clowns that are already part of the team will be more interested in becoming Hollywood stars than football players.

Maybe this program suits them fine. It's not like their current roster is filled with real football players. They're a bunch of unwanted rejects and bums. The decision to sign Blaine Gabbert (Formerly with the Jacksonville Jaguars) as their big name free agent, supports my claim that the team is made up of a bunch of losers.

There is actually one legitimate player. His name is Reggie Bush. I have to apologize to Reggie for including him in my contention that the Dolphins are a bunch of hacks. Unfortunately for the Minnows. you can't win with only one good player.

The Dolphins have had a tough time signing decent free agents. They have bungled contract negotiations with potential free agents. I believe that talented football players want to stay as far away from South Beach as possible.

I blame Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross for the problems facing the team. The guy is a dolt. I wonder if he knows anything about owning an NFL team. I believe that an owner who was being criticized for his team's poor decisions would stay as far away from a program like Hard Knocks.

I think that Ross and the Dolphins want to distract their fans and their critics by bringing in a clown show. This is dumb. It will be hard for the team to focus on improving their product on the field.

Last year, the New York Jets took part in the show. They went from appearing in two consecutive AFC Championship games to missing the playoffs.

What can we expect from the Dolphins? They missed the playoffs last year. They will be terrible this year and will be lucky to win 6 games. They are going to look like clowns by appearing on the television show.

These are dark days for Miami fans. The team is void of class or respectability. The team has a an owner who is a joke. I can't take the team seriously, since they don't seem to take their responsibilities seriously. I wonder what Don Shula and Dan Marino are thinking? They must be cringing.

The one thing that's obvious is that that the Miami Minnows have too many distractions!

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