Monday, May 28, 2012

Aching Breaking Hearts in the NHL Playoffs

This year's Stanley Cup Playoffs have been exciting. Once again in 2012, overtime (OT) has played a huge role in deciding which team rejoices and which team has heartbreak. The two teams that have aching and breaking hearts are the New York Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes.

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The Rangers had huge expectations of reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. They lost to the New Jersey Devils in game 6, in OT. Adam Henrique scored the winner in dramatic fashion. There was a mad scramble around the goal line and the puck found it's way through the scrum. Henrique was there to put the puck in the net and send the Devils into the finals. It was Henrique's second OT winner in the playoffs.

Had the Rangers won game 6, it's very likely they would have won game 7 at home. That wasn't in their cards. Heartbreak was in the cards for the Rangers. It was awesome to see Martin Gaborik fall short again. In my opinion, Gabroik is one of the most overrated players in the NHL.

Gaborik is paid to take the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Finals and be a huge producer on the ice. In 20 games this playoff season, Gaborik had less than one point a game and scored only 5 goals. That's not good enough. He reminds me of Ovechkin. Both have lots of talent but wilt in the playoffs.

Then there's the Phoenix Coyotes lead by team captain Shane Doan. The Coyotes had a good year but weren't serious contenders to make it to the cup finals let alone the Western Conference Finals. The Coyotes were led by their superstar goalie Mike Smith who had an unbelievable playoffs.

It's too bad that Mike Smith, Shane Doan and the rest of the Coyotes couldn't focus on winning game 5 of the conference finals. They were too distracted by a hit that hurt Michal Rozsival. They felt it was a penalty. The hit occurred with about 2:30 left in the first OT. About 15 seconds later, the Kings scored the game winner. It seemed as if the desert dogs were still complaining about the hit, rather than focusing on winning the game.

Game 6 took place in Phoenix and the fans were distraught. They were in pain. Then they acted like babies. In the post game handshake, Shane Doan was yelling at Los Angeles Kings players. Doan couldn't face the fact that the Kings were the better team. Shane Doan couldn't face the fact he's destined to be a good player who hasn't won the cup yet. This was Doan's year and one of his last chances to reach the finals. So the heartbreak must have been excruciating.

It was awesome to watch both the Rangers and the Coyotes aching breaking moments. These were the best aching breaking hearts of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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