Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Twins are One of the Worst in Team History

The Minnesota Twins are fielding one of the worst Twins teams in the history of the franchise. The team had a terrible April and one of the worst starts in team history and they haven't done much better to start May. After losing 4-0 on Tuesday, the Twins stunk up the field on Wednesday, losing 9-0.

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For most of April, we could blame the poor pitching but the past two games, especially on Wednesday night proved that the bats are nowhere to be seen. I think Twins fans are in for a long, terrible season. If Joe Mauer can stay healthy, he might be one of the team's bright spots this season.

That's a big if. Mauer missed a game earlier in the week to rest an injury. I'm fed up with Mauer and his injuries. He sat out the better part of last season with what seemed like minor injuries. He's being paid 23,000,000 million dollars this season. Yes, count them. that's 23 with 6 zeros. 

Back to the possibility of Mauer being the bright spot. Currently Mauer is batting .302 and his on base percentage is .394. The key will be Mauer's health. If he doesn't stay healthy, the team will be an even bigger joke this season.

Even if Mauer stay's healthy and has a good season, that is obviously not nearly enough to spark the Twins to victory. They have too much issues, especially with their pitching. Speaking about pitching. The Twins need to cut losses with pitcher Francisco Liriano. Liriano is wild, erratic and just plain awful. He's 0-4 in 2012 with a putrid 9.97 ERA. OK. You can stop rubbing your eyes now. You read that right. This guy should be shipped to the minors. Liriano is a huge liability and is obviously facing confidence issues.

If the team doesn't do something with the guy, he will continue on his downward spiral. Throwing the guy on the mound (No pun intended) in the hopes that he will find the magic that you believe he has, is a terrible strategy. The Twins once believed that Liriano was their next big pitching ace.

I just don't see the possibility of Liriano providing any value to this club, now or ever. I view Liriano as a cancer on this team. The team is in need of a confidence spark but when you put a pitcher like Liriano on the mound and he has terrible start after terrible start, it causes the whole team to lose confidence in the guy and what the team is trying to accomplish.

I believe Liriano and some of the other pitchers who are struggling is causing the whole team to lose confidence. When the team feels it needs to score 7, 8, or 9 runs per game (Or 10 runs in the case of Francisco), it places way too much pressure on them. It's impossible to score that many runs on a consistent basis.

The key to avoiding  a 100 loss season will be an improved pitching staff. That will reduce the pressure on the rest of the players. Unfortunately I don't think that's possible and the only thing that's a certainty with the Twins is that they are a terrible team.

The 2012 Twins will end the season as one of the worst in franchise history. They are currently the worst team in the MLB and I don't have much confidence that they won't maintain that place in the standings through the end of the year. The only thing fans have to cheer about is the hope that Mauer has a good season and the hope that the Twins avoid a 100 loss season.

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