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Worst Teams in NBA History

This is part 2 of  a 4 part series that lists the worst franchises in their respective league’s history. This list was harder to put together than the NFL list, since there are more teams with horrible histories. The teams that made this list have never won an NBA championship.

The Denver nuggets could have made the list but the Toronto Raptors beat them out due to the team's career winning percentage.

Teams are ranked from worst to 5th worst.
Chime in with your comments and what you think of the list.

  1. Los Angeles Clippers - For most of this team's history, they didn't care about winning. They put a horrible product on the court and played second fiddle to a real team, the Los Angeles Lakers. They've only made the playoffs 7 times in their 41 year history. This year will be their 8th. The Clippers have a .367 career winning percentage. This is team wins this award hands down.
    The Clippers have been a joke. It's laughable that they've evens shared the same building and court as the Lakers.
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  2. Memphis Grizzlies - They make this list largely due to their prior existence as the Vancouver Grizzlies. As the Vancouver Grizzlies, this team had a .222 winning percentage and never made the playoffs in their 6 years in the Canadian city.

    The Memphis product has been better, making the playoffs 4 times in 11 years in Memphis. This 17th season will be their 5th season in the playoffs. The team's career winning percentage is .362.
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  3. Minnesota Timberwolves - This team has had a terrible past. Sure they had a some good years with Garnett, even making the Western Conference Finals. If you take a look at the total product, Timberwolves fans have overpaid for what they've seen

    The TWolves have made the playoffs 8 times in their history 23 year history. The team has been eliminated from playoff contention this year.
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  4. Toronto Raptors - This team has provided little joy to their fans. The team that plays in Canada, our neighbor to the north has only made the playoffs 5 times in their 17 year history. They have been eliminated from the 2012 playoffs.

    The Raptors have a career winning percentage of .399. Come on. This is garbage. How can a team field such a poor team  year in year out. Their fans should receive free tickets to this circus.
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  5. Cleveland Cavaliers - Many of you were probably asking where are the Cavaliers on the list? Well you got your wish. This team is the best of the worst and that's not saying much. Have you seen the other teams on this list? They're terrible. They all should be ashamed at themselves.

    The Cavs had their best chance of winning a championship with Lebron James but they never provided him with much of a supporting cast.

    The Cavaliers have made the playoffs 18 times in their 42 year history, making the finals one time under King James. They will not be making the playoffs this year. The Cavs have a .460 career winning percentage.
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As you can see, the teams on this list are horrible. In my opinion, they've been ripping off their fans for years. No one should spend more than a dime watching these losers!

Next time we will list the worst NHL teams in history. A link that edition will be placed here.

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