Sunday, April 8, 2012

Winnipeg Jets Fans are Hockey Fans First

I wrote a blog post about the Drive to 60 (Steven Stamkos and his drive to net 60 goals), yesterday. In the article I mentioned that I hoped Peg fans would put their Jets hats aside for a few minutes and place their hockey hats on, if Steven Stamkos were to net his 60th goal.

Jets fans did not disappoint me last night. After Stamkos netted his 60th goal (which is a great NHL accomplishment), the MTS Centre gave Stamkos a standing ovation. Last year, I wrote a post about Winnipeg being a hockey town. In fact most Canadian cities are. Jets fans showed that great hockey and great hockey achievements must be recognized.

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Hockey is what matters to Jets fans. They put their allegiance to their team aside, for just a few minutes, so they could play tribute to a great player and a great game. Kudos to my fellow Jets fans. Kudos. I'm extremely proud to have grown up in Winnipeg. It’s a great city with great people and even though I reside in another great city now (Minneapolis), I will always have a soft spot for my city. 

I'm proud of my fellow Jets fans. They showed all NHL fans, that it's OK to celebrate another team's player and their accomplishments. That's what hockey's all about. Hockey fans should cheer for all great milestones in the sport. Jets fans and the team witnessed history and embraced it with class. The fans and their team were part of history last night.

We’ve seen all year that Jets fans heckle their opponents but when the time came to show their appreciation for Stamkos and his great season, they delivered by showing their appreciation. We've all hear of the chosen people but last night they were the chosen fans. They were the ones who had the chance to witness this great moment.

I'm so happy that Jets fans didn’t let this moment slip away. I'm glad that they could take part in this event and celebrate. They showed all fans; everywhere that cheering for great hockey moments is important.

Jets fans ended a great opening season by witnessing a great hockey moment. Even though the Jets didn't win the game or make the playoffs, they ended the night on a good note by putting the game of hockey first!

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