Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Planet Has Drew Brees Been Visiting?

Sportmentary wants to know what planet New Orleans quarterback Drew "My Head is Mush" Brees has been visiting lately. The moron claimed that the New Orleans Saints didn't have a pay for injury program. I want to known where this guy has been for the last couple of months. Has he seen any of the evidence? Has he heard the tapes with Williams doing a great job explaining the program? Was he part of the team the last few years or was an imposter pretending to be him?

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Maybe this guy can't read. Maybe he needs to see a specialist for hearing impairment issues? Maybe he should see a neurosurgeon? Why? Because he's either an idiot, a liar, has suffered to many shots during game time, or he's suffered to many shots to the head during practice as Saints defensive players were fine tuning their pay for injury bounty skills on him.
I think he must have been on Mars.

He sure is acting like he's been far away. He made his comments during a charity event. Brees is a scumbag. You make these idiotic comments at a charity event? What type of lowlife is he? He's a pretty big ahole in my books.

Brees should be barred from public events and charitable events. He's not a good person. A good person or a person who believed in right from wrong wouldn't make these ridiculous comments.

Why am I being so critical of Brees? Because I think he is intelligent and should no better. I think he's calculating. I think he knows the truth and is being less than truthful now. He must think the Saints heinous program is OK. I think he's saying it's OK to have a program like this. He's saying it's OK to play dirty and to try and end a player's career.

I hope other NFL players speak out against Brees. It's terrible that a quarterback could act in this manner. It was his fellow quarterbacks who were targeted. That's not respecting the game or his peers. He's a disgusting player and should be shunned.

He should have made no comment but to say something that's obviously not true is a disgrace and is a total disrespect for the game. I hope he has a terrible season. There is no place in the game for this horrible person!

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