Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Saints Fans. Your Team Cheated!

New Orleans Saints fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. Their team cheated and then lied about cheating when confronted by the NFL. As a results Roger Goodell had no choice but to hammer the Saints with penalties. I think he was soft on the penalties. The Saints should have been stripped of hosting next year's Super Bowl. Loomis should have been banned for life and Payton should have been suspended for five years.

Saints fans need to realize that the actions Goodell took were to penalize the individuals involved and not the city of New Orleans. Saints fans have been saying that the city face tragedy in the past and it's not fair that they're being penalized now. Yes, their city faced a tragedy during Hurricane Katrina and they recovered and are rebuilding. Kudos to their city and to their resolve. The tragic circumstances of the past shouldn't absolve your team from breaking the rules. Now it's time to move on. When your team cheats, accept those penalties.

Aerial of the Superdome in the Downtown New Orleans
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Where were Saints fans, praising Roger Goodell when he stood behind their team and worked to ensure that the Saints would remain in New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina. How come they are now saying he hates their city? he doesn't! He made their city, the host city for next year's Super Bowl. He supported their city during a time of tragedy and despair. Now that their team cheated and he was forced to take action, they are not only insulting the Commissioner but are threatening him.

Only ungrateful people would take part in this type of behavior. Maybe Roger Goodell should have allowed your cheating owner to leave town and go somewhere else. A city that respects the NFL and its rules and one that plays fairly.

I'm sick and tired of all this free Payton garbage. Free Payton? He's a scumbag cheat. Saints scumbag owner, Tom Bensons would have turned his back on them and moved his team. Goodell came to their rescue. Now they're sticking a knife in his back. That's shameful.

I ask Saints fans to look at the facts. I hope they can look at the fact that their team's coach and officials lied to the NFL. That's why they were hit so hard. I ask them to use common sense and realize that their team did something despicable. There's no evidence that other teams had this policy. The fact is that their team was caught and can't get a pass. It would be like a judge not sentencing a convicted murder because their might be an unknown person, somewhere in the country that might have committed murder as well.

I'm sure if evidence were to come across the commissioner's desk, that he would punish them as well. Blaming Roger Goodell because their team acted in disgusting manner and tried to end the careers of players, is insane. How would Saints fans have reacted had another team placed a bounty on Drew Brees? What if he had been injured like Brett Favre was in the NFC championship game? What if that would have prevented your  team from winning that game? Would Saints fans have accepted that or would they be asking for major penalties against the offenders?

My guess is that if it were another team involved, the Saints would have agreed with the penalties. It's time for Saints fans woke up and smelled the coffee. Their team cheated and deserved the penalties handed down to their team. It's time they realized that the NFL isn't against their city. They're against the actions of their team's management and coaches.

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