Monday, April 9, 2012

Twins Fans Have Something to Cheer About: Drive to 100

Minnesota fans have something to cheer about for the 2012 season. With the Twins fielding an embarrassing team, Twins fans can continue to follow one achievement. That's the drive to 100. 100 losses that is. I know that sounds horrible but when you see the team playing minor league style games and losing to teams that are terrible in their own right, you can either sit and cry or try to find something to cheer about.

Twins - Target Field 10
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The Twins opened the 2012 season this weekend to the Baltimore Orioles, a team that finished 4th from the bottom of the standings in the 2011 MLB season. The Twins were swept three games to nothing this weekend. Are you kidding me? The team couldn't even find a way to win one game? This sis going to be a long season for Twinkies fans!

Last year, the drive to 100 took a life of its own. The team had tanked the last 20 or so games and was fielding, Pee Wee style players. The Twins tried to avoid their second 100 loss season in team history. The first 100 loss season came in 1982.

Maybe fans believe that the Twins can build a better squad from the draft. If their team is going to suck, you might as well hope for something and some type of milestone, even if that milestone is a sad one. Unfortunately for the Twins, team management has decided to run the team like a minor league affiliate to other major league teams.

Their seems to be an unwillingness from the team's ownership to commit itself to fielding the best players in the game. They don't want to spend money. Their approach seems to one of developing good players and once they become stars, the team can allow them to leave for bigger paydays and bigger markets.

The problem that I have is that Minnesota helped pay for Target Field. Part of the Twins drive to build a new ball park was that they promised Twins fans that the new park would generate more money. They said that money would be used to building a winner.

Twins fans have been let down. They have have to pay higher sales taxes but do not see a good product being fielded. This doesn't seem fair. As a fan who was in favor of the building of the stadium and who still feels it was a good idea, I also feel like Twins ownership has let me down.

Target Field is a great place to watch a baseball game. It would be an even nicer place to see a winning product. If the Twins are gong to remain a team that looks like a minor league affiliate, Twins fans might as well hope for a 100 loss season and hope the team picks well in the draft.

The fans could then hope that the draft picks pan out and provide the Twins with a few good years and some winning seasons, until they ship out of town to greener pastures.

These are sad times for Twins fans like myself. I will not be one of the fans that support the drive to 100 losses. I do understand why some fans would want to participate in those antics but I will cheer for the Twins to win as many games as they can. All I hope is that they try hard and attempt to field a competitive product.

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