Monday, April 30, 2012

Sportmentary Releases Its Busted Athletes Data has been listing athletes who've been arrested or charged with crimes, since August 2nd, 2011. These athletes have been listed on our Busted page, with 44 athletes being listed so far. What turned out to be a light-hearted look at the dark side of sports has turned out to be an interesting endeavor.

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This week, Sportmentary, started gathering the data and we are pleased to provide some interesting findings that we've seen, regarding that data. Please Note: This is not a scientific study and is not evidence of any factual basis.

Sport With the Most Arrests/Charges
Football is the sport that Sportmentary has compiled the most arrest/charges listings for. When both the NFL and college football is combined, the entries make-up 50% of the total listing within our busted page. We know that football is a violent sport but we were actually surprised that it had such an overwhelming presence within our data.

Why were we surprised? The NFL makes up most of the data in the football category and since the NFL has a relatively strict conduct and drug policy, we though that would have an effect on athletes who are being charged.

Major Sports League With the Most Arrests
The NFL had the most arrest/charges listings in the data we compiled. In fact, the NFL had over 47% of the total busted listings. This might play well with those who are critical of the NFL's conduct and drug policies. They could argue that the policy isn't a deterrent at all and that rehabilitation and the welfare of the player should be the goal of the league.

Sportmentary's argument is slightly different. I argue that the NFL isn't tough enough and that it should do more to permanently suspend criminal players. If players are aware that their livelihoods could be in jeopardy, maybe things would change.

Major Sports League With the Least Arrests/Charges
The NHL with 6.8% of the listings had the fewest members charged or arrested. the NHL came in just shy of the NBA, which had one more entry than the NHL. This doesn't surprise me as much, since the NHL tends to take care of its aggression on the ice and not off it.

Most Reported Crime
This was almost a dead heat between DUI/DWI related crimes and assault crimes. In the end, assault crimes were the most reported within our listing. Assault crimes amounted for 30.4% of the total crimes that we reported on. DUI/DWI crimes amounted to 28.26%. I fact only one extra listing contributed to the difference.

We can see that violent crimes are prevalent within Sportmentary's data. That's concerning and isn't anything to take lightly. As we mentioned, this isn't a scientific research study but Sportmentary still believes that it sheds some light about which sports and which league's members account for the most criminal activity within the sports world..

On the one year anniversary of the Busted section, Sportmentary will provide its annual report and findings. In the mean time, you can visit the Busted section to see which athletes are listed and the crimes that they were arrested for or charged with.

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