Monday, April 23, 2012

Should the Canucks Be Gutted?

I watched with joy last night as the Kings destroyed the Canucks in their first round series by defeating the Vancouver 5-1 in their first round series. Now that you know where my leanings are, you may view this commentary with a grain of salt. I think the team is in serious need of a backbone. They have gutless players who don't show up when they're called upon.

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While the Kings were on many experts radar to upset the Canucks, I think the Canucks let that happen. It shows the weakness of this team and the problems that they've had in previous playoff seasons. They just couldn't build on the experience of last year's Stanley Cup Finals.

It shows that the experts didn't have much confidence in the team, even though they were the Presidents Cup Winner (Award bestowed on the team with the most points in the NHL during the regular season). I was one person who was hoping for a first round embarrassment by the Canucks. I don't like the team and that's an understatement. Their players are spineless cry babies.

I think the Canucks should gut the team. So who should the team gut? The team can't gut every player but three players should be considered.

Roberto Luongo
While you can't solely blame Luongo for this year's debacle, he should receive some of the criticism. This guy just hasn't been able to put a complete playoff season together. Last year, he had many horrible games, letting in terrible goals. He was benched a number of times.

In this year's playoff season, Luongo actually started out pretty good. The two games he played in were pretty good for the most part. He kept his team in the game and made some great saves but he also let in a couple of bad goals and with the rest of his team getting off to a putrid start in the playoffs, that was the difference in the team losing, instead of winning.

His counterpart, opposing netminder Jonathan Quick, stole the show and showed Luongo what a real big time goaltender is. I think Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault had seen enough by the end of game two as he replaced Luongo with backup Cory Schneider for the remainder of the playoffs.

To have your number one goalie sit for most of the series is horrible. Luongo has an insane contract and needs to be dumped. Cory Schnieder proved he's a capable goalie in both the regular season and the playoffs. Schneider played great hockey.

The Sedins - Henrik and Daniel
OK, I'll admit I hate these sissies. These guys just don't show up when they're needed, especially Henrik Sedin. One of the greatest criticisms I have is that these tow seem to come as a pare. When one players is missing, the other Sedin shows his weakness. This was evident when Daniel was missing for the first three gamess due to an injury.

The Sedins are cry babies. When hit,t hey tumble to the gorund like a cannon ball hit them and cry foul. The problem is that they're the first players to take cheap shots against their opponents. They are gutless and annoying to watch.

The Sedins are also known as divers. If a n opponent breathes on them, they tumble to the ground. These babies can't take a hit without looking like they've been shot or hit by a mack truck. They are well suited for soccer, not hockey.

The Canucks should ship these soccer player lookalikes to Swedens's Allsvenskan. If you don't know what the Allsvenskan is? Look it up. Hint: It relates to soccer.

The league and the Canucks would be better off without these tow cry babies. If the Canucks replace them with players who aren't gutless and are proven winners, they may see better results in the playoffs.

Bottom line. The Canucks aren't winning the big games. Canucks fans had expected that their team would have won a Stanley Cup Championship by now. It's not happening with Roberto Luongo, Henrik and Daniel Sedin. These players should be gutted from the team!

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