Thursday, April 12, 2012

NHL are Softies

The NHL are run by a bunch of sissy softies who have their panties in a bunch. Today the NHL handed Predators defenseman Shea Weber a $2,500 fine for hitting Detroit Redwings defenseman Henrik Zetterberg in the head. I watched that game. Weber repeatedly rammed Zetterberg's head into the boards.

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A $2,500 fine is nothing to a professional hockey player. It doesn't send any message, other than it's OK to hit players in the head. The NHL is soft. The league doesn't take head shots seriously and someone will have to die before the league takes action.

I've said it before. It will take multiple lawsuits from retired players before the NHL decides that they need to address the seriousness of dirty hits to the head. A Good message would have been to suspend Weber for 2 games. That would have sent every NHL player plays dirty, that they are really being watched and that there will be consequences for dirty hits.

This is nonsense. The NHL is becoming a joke. You'd be licky if their was only one rogue in the NHL, like New Orleans Saints (Of the NFL); Instead, you have a league full of rogues and softies. You have a league of idiots.

The NHL has an opportunity now that their collective bargaining agreement with the players is nearing an end, to address penalizing dirty plays and dirty players. You would think that the NHLPA would be on board and want to protect their players from dirty hits. That may not be the case. The NHLPA is even more idiotic than the NHL.

What you have with the NHLPA are a bunch of illiterate hockey players who can hardly read or write. OK, so I'm exaggerating on that one but what is the average education that these goons have completed? Probably very little college education. These are the guys making legal and medical decisions that have consequences for every NHL player.

I understand that current NHL players don't relate to the seriousness of head injuries. By the time they do, they will be retired and the damage done to them by hits to the head will be evident. It will be too late. That's a real shame.

Those entrusted to these players need to wake up to the fact that they are doing a disservice to their players. They need to act on incidents like the Shae Weber one. They need to get tough with thugs like Weber. They need to send a message that this type of play will not be tolerated. They need to show the players and the fans that they aren't softies when it comes to protecting the health of NHL players.


  1. Check out the inconsistency of the NHL with the suspension recently doled out to Andrew Shaw of the Blackhawks...

    1. Only deserved 1 game. Weber only got $2,500. NHL are inconsistent and no one can tell what their message is. They look like clowns.

    2. besides, the NHL didn't want to hurt the Predators, They want a team like the Preds to succeed in a non-hockey market. It's a bunch of bull.

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