Sunday, April 29, 2012

Minnesota Republicans Prevent Vote of Vikings Stadium Bill

Once again the pathetic leadership of Minnesota, lead by state Republicans have prevented a vote on the Vikings stadium bill. The fault of a failed bid for a stadium, lies with the Republicans, since they control both the state's House and Senate.

Minnesota State Capitol Lit Up at Night, Minneapolis, USA
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In my opinion, these baboons have done nothing but try to stall every decent attempt to build a Vikings stadium in Minnesota.

They are a disgusting bunch of losers who need to be shown the door when their seats come up for re-election.

Anything is better than these hicks. They are complete idiots who seem hate outsiders. As mentioned in previous posts, the Pohlads, a Minnesota family and wealthier than the Wilfs were able to get a stadium built for the Twins. They invested much less money than the Wilfs are willing to invest. The Pohlads had also tried to retract the Twins prior to receiving state approval of the Twins stadium.

The University of Minnesota was also awarded a stadium. It's obviously local. The Wilfs are outsiders to Minnesota but are arguably the best ownership group in all of sports. They are treated like scum by Minnesota's politicians. Doesn't that makes Minnesota a state of Bigots?

Isn't a Bigot someone who is intolerant of someone else? Minnesota politicians are obviously bigoted against people from the east coast of this country. They don't mind building sports building/stadiums for their other sports teams, if it's for local ownership but when an owner from New Jersey wants to invest his own money, the most in the history of sports ownership into the project, you have to say that Minnesota politicians are not only bigoted but made up of a group of hicks.

Soon this state will be known as Hicksota. The state is already a laughing stock in the country. People think Minnesotans are uncultured buffoons and our state leadership is doing nothing to dispel that myth.

I'm asking every out of state investor, ownership group, financing group and any out of state person who spends money here, to take your money elsewhere. This state seems to hate you and seems to dislike outsiders.

I implore, every business here to move to Wisconsin and dump Minnesota employees. The citizenry of Hiscksota seems to hate billionaire owners who want government funding and don't want their state to spend a dime on your business. They don't want your business to receive a dime in tax breaks, incentives, land deals, etc. They don't deserve you to employ them. The citizenry and leadership of this state doesn't want a dime going to wealthy owners.

If this bill fails, it will be the fault of the Republican leadership. The reason I say that is that they hold power in the House and Senate of the state of Minnesota. Their leadership has to be scrutinized, just like any failed leadership before it.

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