Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Minnesota Doesn't Deserve the Minnesota Vikings

On Monday, a Minnesota House Committee shot down the latest Minnesota Vikings Stadium proposal, putting the team and NFL football in limbo. Kevin Seifert of ESPN, says that the Vikings should use their last remaining card as a threat to legislators. I argue that the team should go one step further.

Minnesota, Minneapolis
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The Minnesota Vikings shouldn't threaten anyone. They should pack up their bags and say goodbye to a community that has turned their backs on them. Fans did nothing to persuade the Minnesota legislature to vote for and publicly fund a new stadium. All the fans want is a free ride. They want a free pass to watching NFL football.

Zygi Wilf and the Minnesota Vikings have seen legislators publicly fund and support an NHL arena in St. Paul, a Twins stadium in Minneapolis and a new stadium for the Minnesota Gophers football team. When it comes to the Vikings,t hey are given the cold shoulder by the people of Minnesota.

Minnesotans have forgotten how sad they were when the Minnesota North Stars left town. They need another kick in the ass. The Vikings should give them that kick and show these people what it feels like to be a laughing stock in America. Vikings fans should look to Wisconsin and Illinois, because those states might have be the closest place to being able to watch an NFL team play.

As Seifert said in his ESPN article, the Wilfs worked the system. They changed proposals at the direction and request of the Legislature. That wasn't enough for a bunch of clowns to slam the door shut on the Wilfs. The Wilfs were even willing to cough up close to half a billion dollars for the proposal. That still wasn't enough for the degenerates in the Legislature.

The Vikings have no option but to leave town. The people of this state have told them to leave by not putting pressure on their politicians. The Legislators have told them to buzz off as well. So the Vikings must listen to these people and buzz right off.

If the Vikings threaten and start looking for other cities, they must follow through. If the Legislature, then feels compelled to come crying to the Wilfs, they must be told to "go to hell". It should be too late. The Wilfs have tried to work with these morons for over 5 years now and have been turned back time and time again.

Minnesota legislators aren't taking the Vikings seriously. They don't feel threatened and they've played Russian Roulette with the fans of this state and the stadium proposals. It's time that they lost that game and were told in no uncertain terms where to shove it.

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