Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Metta World Peace Should Change Name to Metta World War

The athlete formerly known as Ron Artest and who is now known as Metta World Peace (An Oxymoron if I've ever seen one), should change his name to Metta World War. Metta is still a punk. He's still a disgusting person who is a thug. Changing his name to include the word peace is laughable. Shouldn't a guy who changes his name to include the word peace, act like a decent person? You would think so.

Ron Artest Signed Photo
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Mr. Peace's latest kerfuffle came on Sunday when he viciously elbowed Oklahoma City Thunder player James Harden. The NBA suspended Peace for seven games on Tuesday, which means he will miss most of the first round of the playoffs.

A peaceful person doesn't mug a player. A peaceful person doesn't play dirty. A peaceful person doesn't act like a two bit criminal. That's what this guy is. He's a sick and deranged human being. I wish the NBA had some coconuts and suspended this freak for 50 games. This guy will continue to wage his war on the NBA and innocent people, because he's not held accountable for his disgusting behavior.

Do you want more proof that the word war should replace peace in Metta's name? OK I'm happy to provide you with some.

Ron Artest Stores Weapons in Lakers Locker Room
Remember that incident, two and a half years ago? Artest was caught with weapons in his LA locker room. Now that's pretty peaceful isn't it? That's the way a peaceful guy acts. Isn't that your vision of a peaceful guy? No, it's my vision of a thug. It's my vision of a criminal. It's my vision of a punk.

Ron Artest Charges Stands and  Fights With Detroit Pistons Fans
This was another peaceful event by the guy with the last name of peace. At the time, Peace was with the Indiana pacers and he was named Ron Artest. Artest took exception to some fans, charged the crowd and fought with some fans. Now that was pretty peaceful. Sounds more like war actions to me. It doesn't sound peaceful. In Peace's defense, he wasn't named peace and the brawl occurred in 2004. He could have changed since then, right? Not really.

Ron Artest Arrested for Spousal Abuse
This event occurred in 2007 after his wife called 911. The punk was charged with domestic violence. Peace pleaded no contest to domestic abuse and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Now that's a pretty peaceful guy. What a nice man. No he aint. This guy is a woman beater and piece of sh*t in my opinion. A good guy doesn't beat up women. Once again this guy was waging his war on someone.

Those are only three incident's of Metta's behavior that are more war like than peaceful. Each time, the punk got off with a slap on the wrist. Peace is a menace to society. He's out of control and thug player. Since he's acting in an opposite manner to his legal name, maybe he should change his last name to war. Maybe then, he'll act in a peaceful manner.

That will probably never happen. He's damaged goods. He's a criminal that can't be trusted to act like a good human being!

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