Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If You Were an NBA Executive Would You Want Dwight Howard?

Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard has once again reportedly stated that he will request a trade at the end of the season. This seems to be a weekly soap opera and Howard changes his mind often and without regard for his teammates and the fans of Orlando. If you were an NBA executive would you want Dwight Howard on your team?

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I will take a stab at this. In one word, No! OK, I can't stop with one word. That's not my style. Dwight Howard is a joke and has done a lot of damage to his reputation. A player with some class would play out the year and then request a trade. A decent player would try to limit the public nature of his requests.

So we know he's not classy but that in and of itself shouldn't eliminate a player with the star power of Howard from playing on my team. It goes further than that. I think he's a loose cannon.I'm sorry if I'm insulting cannons. They did a great job throughout our history, when called upon. The same can't be said of Howard.

Howard is manipulative. He's had troubles with his coach and team management. He's a poor employee. He's supposed to be a leader but how is his lack of poise damaging the chemistry of his team? There is no chemistry. He isn't a leader. He's a polarizing player.

I would have to ask myself, "why would I want this type of guy on my team?" I wouldn't. I couldn't take that chance. I couldn't waste money on the slight chance that Howard would wake up one morning and instantly be a good role model, a good teammate and wouldn't air his grievances publicly.

I would also have to question why this guy changes his mind so often. If he suffers from a mental illness, could I take a chance on him? That's a tough one. I personally think that if a person is properly dealing with their disease, they could be good employees. The employer could monitor the situation and provide assistance to ensure that the employee has the resources to control their illness.

Howard is  crap shoot. We have to assume that he's a sane person making irrational decisions. He's decisions are damaging his team. He definitely is lacking in the leadership qualities area. It just seems to be a big gamble to take a chance on him.

I'm sure that someone will take a gamble on Howard. There's always a sucker waiting around the corner to take a chance on a player who is damaged goods and who has single handily destroyed their reputation. I'm not a gambler. I wouldn't take that chance.

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