Friday, March 23, 2012

Get in the Swing With Cleveland Golf

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Get into the swing with Cleveland Golf. When I was asked to review Cleveland Golf, I didn't know where to begin. I thought they were just another golf product company and that their website would resemble all the others. So I started out to get a feel for the company and their website. What I found, excited me and I believe that Sportmentary followers will feel the same excitement.

So, I set off on my journey. The first thing I did, was to see what others had to say about the company. The basic feeling was positive, actually more than positive. I found out that the company got it's start manufacturing Golf Clubs but today they offer much, much more.

Today they offer a full range of golf clubs, golf irons, putters, golf drivers, accessories and more. So golfers can find a wide range of golf equipment on their website. 

I was impressed with their site. Cleveland Golf's website offers a clean and crisp design, allowing customers to easily navigate the site. Most of the other sites I visited, were cluttered with golf products and links. This slowed down these other sites. The Cleveland Golf website opened up quickly and navigating the site was quick.

One of the other things I liked about the site is that they have a blog. This not only allows you to be informed about the latest products or news about the company but you can also submit your comments on their blog posts. This is a great way to interact and communicate with company.

So get in the swing with Cleveland Golf.

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