Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Donovan McNabb is McRidiculous

Donovan McNabb is ridiculous and starting to sound like he has serious mental health issues. McNabb says that he would vote for himself for the Hall of Fame if he could. McRidiculous is eligible for the draft in 2017. This guys is either in state of dementia or is smoking something crazy.

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McNabb was an OK quarterback but that's it. I believe you have to include his past few season when his career took a nose dive from being an OK quarterback to being one of the worst quarterbacks in the game. McNabb had a terrible season in 2010 and was benched for the final few games. McNabb couldn't grasp the Washington Redskins offense and he stunk up the field when he played.

Instead of owning up to his failure in Washington, this egomaniac blamed Mike Shanahan's offensive strategy for his poor play. McNabb is wrong on that account. He just failed. He was aging and his skills weren't up to par for the game anymore.

In 2011, the Minnesota Vikings took a chance on this loser and they regretted it. McNabb was awful. McNabb was among the bottom of the league as far as quarterbacks are concerned. McNabb had a 39 yard performance in his debut with the Vikings. His remaining starts weren't much better.

Did McNabb take responsibility? Of course not. It would take a classy person to admit that in his last two years, he was awful. McNabb isn't a classy guy. Instead, he blames his teams and the media for not considering him one of the game's greats. He plays the victim card.

I don't buy into that victim argument. McNabb wasn't treated any worse than any other quarterback in the his era. All quarterbacks have the critics analyzing them on every play. The quarterback position is the most visible and arguably provides the most impact in the game.

McNabb doesn't own up to bis faults as a quarterback and blames others for his failures. Even when he was playing in Minnesota, he told the media he was playing well. The truth is that he was awful. In six starts for the Vikings, McNabb had only four touchdowns and also had two interceptions. He averaged 171 yards per game and had a quarterback rating of 82.9. These stats don't lie.

As far as McNabb's career stats are concerned, he has a pass completion percentage of 59%, which is OK. He has a career passer rating of 85.6. Once again that is OK but not Hall of Fame material. McNabb averaged 6.9 yards per pass. Once again, I don't think that's good enough.

When you compare McNabb to current quarterbacks who are either sure bets for the Hall of Fame or will be on the bubble, McNabb doesn't match up. Eli Manning and Ben Rothlisberger have better stats and have also won two Super Bowls. McNabb doesn't have any Super Bowl championships.

Then you compare him to two greats in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, he doesn't come close. Bottom line is that McNabb is ridiculous if he feels he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. He was an OK quarterback but not a great one.

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