Friday, April 27, 2012

Delmon Young Should Be Treated Like Anyone Else Charged With a Hate Crime

Delmon Young was arrested for a hate crime this morning for allegedly getting into a scuffle with a group of men and yelling anti-Semitic epithets. Young apologized this morning and vowed to become a better person. I will give credit to Young for that but he needs to be treated like everyone else ever charged with the crime.

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers - Playoffs Game Five, Detroit, MI - October 13: Delmon Young
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He must first receive due process but the media and minority groups who are against bigotry and racism must step up and treat Young the way other bigots are treated. Jews should receive the same protection against bigoted behavior, even if the perpetrator is African American.

Young should know better. He's a role model to many young people. I hope that changes now. Now we know he's an alleged bigot and Jew hater. If racial slurs were hurled his way, the media would spend 24/7 ridiculing his perpetrator. All types of groups would join the criticism and would ask for numerous charges to filed. These same groups would call for that person's employer to terminate them. I'm OK with that.

I just think these same groups need to demand the same thing, if they truly are against bigoted behavior. We must all demand that Young receive an appropriate sentence if convicted of this horrible crime. We must all demand that the Detroit Tigers, his current employer, suspend him until this matter is resolved by authorities and we must demand that the MLB ban him from the league if he's found guilty of this terrible crime.

All I'm asking for here, is for the same treatment for Delmon that other people charged with hate crimes receive. ESPN and other media outlets have reported the issue but their language has been mild compared to other people charged with this type of crime.

I haven't heard the MLB issuing a statement yet and the Detroit Tigers have said that they will not comment until the matter is resolved. Would their actions be the same if one of their white players hurled racist comments against a minority? I'm not sure but I do believe that player would be suspended with pay until the matter was resolved legally.

Bud Selig is Jewish and might feel like it's a conflict of interest to say anything? That garbage and is a cop out. I'm a Jew and I'm highly offended by the allegations against Delmon Young. I'm not afraid to say that. Would the President of the MLBPA react the same way if one of their players hurled racist comments? My guess is that the tone would be very different and it should be!

Sportmentary takes a zero tolerance approach to any bigoted behavior. I wrote an article calling for ESPN employees to be disciplined after a racist Jeremy Lin headline was released. I've commented on other incidents that were similar in nature. If the tables were reversed and a professional baseball player hurled racist comments against a group of African American men or women, I would be calling for their suspension and conviction.

Sportmentary believes in an even-handed approach to any athlete charged and accused with a crime or bigoted behavior. I believe when they put on a major league uniform, they are expected to carry themselves in a dignified manner. When they are accused of not doing that, they should pay the price.

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