Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Augusta Should Allow Female Members

The question of whether Augusta National Golf will ever admit female members has become a hot topic as the 2012 Masters Championship nears. In fact the tournament starts this Thursday, April 5th. Long time sponsors, IBM now has a female CEO and she wants to join the exclusive private club. The club remains silent on the issue but Sportmentary believes the time has come for the club to open its doors to women.

Augusta, 11th Thru 12th
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I know some people will argue that the club is private and should be able to do what it wants. While they have the right to do that, they remain in the public eye and host a publicly televised tournament. They come into millions of Americans households each year. They receive sponsorship from publicly held companies. I don't believe that they have that right.

I believe that if Augusta wants to remain in the public domain, they need to open their doors to feamles. If they don't, IBM and other public companies should close their wallets to them. The major networks must be forced t by the FTC (Government) to stop televising the tournament. Actually, legislation should to be passed that a public company is prohibited from sponsoring or having any involvement in the tournament.

Sure, Augusta can remain closed to women. It's a private company but surely common sense needs to prevail. If they're private, get them off my TV. Get them out of the public eye. Shut them out of the public's money.

It think if a line in the sand were to be drawn and their financing were to to dry up that these bozos would change their tune. I would feel the same way if Augusta was a private club that banned men but remained in the public eye.

I think they can't have it both ways. They can't hide behind being a private club but host such a public event. I think the PGA must decide to sever ties with them as well. If the club wants to remain closed to over 50% of the population, that's OK but they should be barred from hosting the Masters. Take the tournament elsewhere and ostracize these pigs.

Sure, Augusta wants to remain a old boys club but they want tens of millions of people, including females to watch their tournament. They're hypocrites. It's time that Augusta move into the 21st century and allow women to join their club.

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