Monday, April 16, 2012

Are Brown Paper Bag Sales Going to Soar in New Orleans?

With the penalties awarded to management and coaches of the New Orleans Saints and a decision yet to be handed out to defensive players, one question remains in my mind. Will brown paper bag sales increase in New Orleans? I hope so!

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Head Coach Sean Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 NFL season due to his roll in bountygate. With his departure from the team it he named Joe Vitt as the interim head coach. Joe Vitt isn't the most capable replacement for Payton but he's the least threatening. It's rumored that he named Vitt as his replacement int he hoped that he fails and that would make Payton look better when he returns.

Since Payton only cares about his ego and not his team or doing the right thing, he chose Vitt. I believe Payton wants to return as the night in shining armor, who returns to save the day.

Saints fans believe their team will rally from the penalties and will do well. That may be true but unlikely. It's a blow to the Saints not having their head coach. There's a good possibility that the team will have some of their players suspended for multiple games. Then there's the question of Drew Brees who is entangled in a contract dispute. He is not practicing with his team right now.

Sportmentary dislikes the cheating Saints and their clueless fans. It would make me happy to see the Saints have a putrid season and to see a lot of Saints fans wearing brown paper bags. I remember the days of Saints fans wearing those beautiful brown paper bags due to their team's poor play.

They weren's such good and loyal fans back then were they? They were gutless. They were spineless. I don't think it will take much to have them lose their backbones again. That will be awesome. It will put a big smile on my face.

I might even show my support for Aints nation by wearing a brown paper bag while watching one of their games. The mouth of my Brown paper bag will be designed with a smiley face.

When the Saints become the Aints again, they should change their logo to a devil's pitchfork. That's more fitting of the team and their behavior. The Saints are a despicable team and hopefully they will pay for their actions by having a bad record. At least that will raise the sales of brown paper bags in the region.

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