Monday, March 19, 2012

What's Next for Alex Smith or the 49ers?

San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints: Alex Smith
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So what's next for the San Francisco 49ers? I'm asking this question, since there are reports that the Miami Dolphins and Alex Smith are in contract talks. They're working out a long-term deal reportedly worth eight million dollars a year.

If Peyton Manning doesn't decide to go with the 49ers, then San Francisco will find themselves behind the eight ball when it comes to the quarterback position. If they sign Manning, they will have most of the pieces necessary to seriously contend for a Super Bowl. Without Manning they will have need to go back to work and search for a replacement for Smith.

I'm sure after the NFC championship game, neither the 49ers or Smith thought this scenario was possible. I don't blame the team for making a move for Manning. Peyton will make the team an instant contender. I don't blame Smith for hedging his bets and looking for a replacement team.

The problem for Smith is that Miami is two decades and three management teams away from seriously contending for even a playoff spot. The Dolphins just traded their best receiver to the Chicago Bears for nothing and now have a void in that position.

Who's Alex Smith going to throw to? Smith has come under fire by some fans for not having the goods needed for the position. While I disagree with that assessment and last year's season proves otherwise, Smith could be setting himself up for failure by signing with the Dolphins.

Once again Manning is single handedly sending shock waves throughout the NFL. Both Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers fates are being decided by the potential outcome of Manning's decision. Sportmentary hasn't seen anything like this in previous NFL seasons. One guy's decision is causing teams and players to scramble.

While I believe San Francisco is the best choice for Manning, my gut feeling is telling that he will not pick the 49ers. Their front office better be making last minute moves to lure him to the Bay area or they might be left with Colin Kaepernick as their starting quarterback.

Colin who? I have no idea who the guy is. Maybe he's the answer but the 49ers and their fans must be nervous as heck right now. So what's next for the 49ers? I have no idea but it could be Colin Kaepernick.

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