Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Were the New York Jets Thinking?

The New York Jets extended quarterback Mark Sanchez's contract yesterday. This will make Sanchez the seventh highest paid quarterback (QB) in the NFL. What were the Jets thinking? They weren't.

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Mark Sanchez was the 23rd ranked NFL QB last year. He was horrible and he was rewarded by being paid as if he's a top 10 QB. Sanchez is one of the worst QBs in my opinion but he has an arrogance that makes him think he's better than he is. The problem is that the Jets bought into this nonsense.

This has to rank as one of the worst NFL player decisions in recent memory and hopefully will allow the Jets to continue their mediocre play. I've never been a Jets fan and this put a huge smile on my face. New York Jets fans have to be shaking their head in disbelief.

The Jets have a foul mouthed hot-head as their coach. This bum thinks Sanchez is the team's future. This shows what a clown Rex Ryan is. Ryan should have been fired after last year's joke of a season. Ryan had promised Jets fans that the team would have won a Super Bowl by now. Instead, the Jets stunk up the field. That was due to Sanchez's poor play.

There were also reports of a divided and fractured Jets locker room. Rex Ryan has to take the blame for that and he's been given a pass by management. Ryan also made stupid comments disrespecting other teams and coaches last year. Is that what the team's management really wants form their head coach? Probably. They seem to love meritocracy.

Jets fans, you can now look forward to seeing a terrible quarterback suiting up for your teams games for the next few years. Congratulations for being the joke of New York. While Giants fans are celebrating championships, a top tier quarterback and a successful head coach; your team is celebrating a garbage product, a loser quarterback and Krusty the Clown as your head coach.

One thing seems to be true. The New York Jets weren't thinking properly by extending Mark Sanchez's contract. They rewarded one of the worst quarterbacks with a great contract extension. Mark must be laughing right now as he just snowed Jets management.

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