Thursday, March 15, 2012

Unfair Advantage for Minnesota Gophers in WCHA Final Five Tournament

As I write this commentary, I'm watching Michigan Tech taking on Denver in the WCHA Final Five tournament. I think the WCHA ices the top hockey teams in the nation but something is bothering me.

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
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The Twin Cities, St. Paul to be specific hosts the WCHA Final Five hockey tournament every year. In the past few years, the Excel Energy Center has been the host. The Minnesota Gophers play their home games at the University of Minnesota, less than 10 miles away. So the Gophers are playing at home, year in, year out.

Sportmentary feels that the Gophers have an unfair advantage. Why can't the tournament be played in other cities? Why do the Gophers who already have a media advantage receive a home game advantage? It makes me dislike the Gophers even more.

I've heard the absurd argument that the gophers aren't playing at home? Why? Because their home ice rink is located at Mariucci Arena at the University of Minnesota. So the team isn't really playing at home. Are you kidding me?

So when the Minnesota Vikings had to play at the University of Minnesota, when the Metrodome was damaged in a winter storm, did that mean that they were playing on the road? Of course not. Their season ticket holders and the their home fans still went to the games. The NFL considered it a home game and not a neutral site game.

As mentioned above, I dislike the Gophers. One of the reasons is that they are televised on Fox Sports North. What a dumb name for television station. It's realy Fox Sports Twin Cities. They are focused 100% on Twin Cities sports teams and they're complete homers. I've watched hockey all my life and their commentators are awful. Tthey always think calls go against their teams.

So the fact that the tournament is played at home by the Gophers fuels my dislike for this team. It angers me that they have an unfair advantage. It's another big city team, receiving all the benefits. Big City teams and big universities have more resources than their opponents, so providing the Gophers with another advantage is overkill.

If believe the Gophers need to wi in the tournament every year or they I would consider their season to be a bust. If you can't win this tournament when you're the top ranked team in your conference and you are playing home games, then you're a disaster. So I will be routing for every team but the Gophers this weekend.

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