Monday, March 5, 2012

Sportmenatary's New Idea for Penalizing the Saints

As mentioned in an earlier article and as many of you know, the New Orleans "We Know How to Cheat" Saints have been found to have had a bounty system where players were rewarded for injuring opposing players. Initially I called for suspensions and lifetime bans and those should be possibilities but how do you really hurt the unethical people who knew and carried out the bounty systems administered by Greg Williams and others? You hit them in their pocketbooks. believes that the main culprit, Greg Williams who is alleged to have carried out bounty systems for five other teams besides the Saints, was probably responsible for Peyton Manning's neck injury.  Peyton missed the 2011 season due to a neck injury.

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The sports world knows that the Saints purposley tried to injure Brett Favre in the NFC championship game. The NFL lost big time without having Peyton Manning in the game last year. The NFL should fine each party that took part in the program, including management, coaches and owners the equivalent of total games missed by a player and also issue a punitive penalty.

The fine for games missed should equal that player's per game salary. In the case of Peyton Manning that's a huge amount of money. Greg Williams would become bankrupt. For players who only missed part of a game, that should be equal to one game's salary.

The punitive penalty should be in place to really strike a blow. For each incident that can be verified, each party involved in the bounty system should be fined an additional one million dollars. Players, coaches, management and owners should receive lifetime bans from any involvement from the game if they can't afford the penalties.

I think this would send a message to every NFL player that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. The NFL has now been exposed to potential litigation by players who were targeted. The damage done to the bodies of those imjured is severe. I'm sure we'll see class action lawsuits against the NFL from players who were injured.

In Peyton Manning's case, he missed an entire season and may not be able to return to the game. Brett Favre missed a chance at the Super Bowl and it's obvious the toll he took in that game contributed to his poor performance the following season. The Vikings should be financially compensated by the Saints for the injuries sustained by Brett Favre.

The Minnesota Vikings should also receive financial compensation for being robbed of a chance of going to the Super Bowl. Potentially, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson should be forced to forfeit his franchise or have to pay a one billion dollar fine. Yes, one billion dollars is what I just said. Why one billion? That would force him to forfeit his franchise.

There's no place for owners like Benson. He's a thug and should be discarded like a piece of garbage. He's no better than the trash that I throw into my garbage. Actually, a piece of garbage is worth more in my mind.
The Saints should also receive a ban from the NFL draft or 5 years. It's time for the NFL to return the Saints to their rightful place. A garbage franchise is what the New Orleans "Aints" are.

The worst culprit is Greg Williams who is believed to have instituted this bounty for six teams. As mentioned above there's no place for this guy. He's a dirtbag and scumbag. There's no way he should be involved in the NFL.

Hopefully the NFL will financially penalize all parties involved in the bounty programs that they are investigating. This isn't the time for soft penalties. The NFL needs to hand out penalties that will be felt by wrongdoers for years to come.

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