Saturday, March 3, 2012

Peyton Manning in Beta Testing is reporting that Peyton Manning has been working out at Duke University. Independantly verified sources are saying that he is throwing the ball hard. Sportmentary believes that Manning has entered the beta testing phase of his comeback. It's only time before we see Manning throwing passes in the NFL for 2012. Which team he's quarterbacking is another question.

This news comes less than a week away from a major decision that Jim Irsay needs to make. Irsay needs to decide whether to keep Manning and pay him 28 million dollars or release him outright. I'm sure this isn't the news that Irsay was expecting. This is awesome and puts a smile on my face. I wish I could see Irsay squirming in his office.

Manning's current boss, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been disresepcting Manning in the past few months. He's called Manning a politician and he even tried to publicly force Manning to renegotiate his contract at a reduced price. It seems as if Irsay's attempts at controlling Manning and his decision have failed. Irsay looks like an inept and out of touch goon.

Peyton Manning
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I understand that it's just business but Irsay went too far and I'm sure Manning has had enough. Sportmentary has a message for Jim Irsay (It's along the lines of the Queen song, We Will Rock You). Mr Irsay, you have mud on your face, you're a big disgrace and you've embarrassed yourself all over the place. Mannning Will, Manning Will, leave you.

I think Irsay has acted like an enemy of Manning and not a friend. Peyton Manning did a lot for Irsay's team. He basically helped the owner build a winner. While Irsay probably believed Manning's career was over, he greatly underestimated one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Now back to Peyton. I can't wait for the beta testing to be over and to see the new version of this great quarterback. I hope he's in a different team's uniform. Indianapolis has gutted their team and Manning would have a very hard time of winning another championship with the team. Another team, with more talent, could provide him with the ability to end hos career on a winning note.

Manning has entertained fans for years and Sportmentary looks forward to a few more years of Manning football. One thing is clear right now, Peyton Manning is in beta testing, which means that he's basically good to go. The finishing touches still need to be put in place but hopefully that's not too far away.

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