Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh What a Week!

There's a reason why the NFL is the most popular league in North America. Even during their offseason, there's excitement. That couldn't be truer than this week and Oh what a week this was.

Monday - The NFL got off to a great start with news that Peyton Manning had made his decision. This decision was the biggest free agent decision in NFL history. For two weeks, sports fans on this continent were gripped to their computer, mobile devices and television screens. We were watching sports shows, for a glimpse of any news about where Peyton would land up.

So on a Monday when most Americans were grudgingly getting ready for work and then battling rush hour traffic, they were greeted with news that the Denver Broncos were the big winners in the Peyton sweepstakes. The Broncos have to be favorites for at least making the playoffs. Manning gives them a real chance of winning.

Tuesday - Sports fans came back to earth and let the Moday's news settle but there eas still some excitement. The Denver Broncos introduce their newest employee. The one and only Peyton Manning

Wednesday - The New York Jets make two trades for Tim Tebow. Yes, you heard that right. Mid-way through the day, news broke that the New York Jets had completed a trade for Tim Tebow. New Yorkers were in a state of Tebowmanie. They were going crazy.

Then when evening fell, news broke again that there was a snag in the deal. The New York Jets would have to pay the Denver Broncos five million dollars to actually finalize the deal. Early reports stated that Jets ownership didn't want to make the payment.

Then on Wednesday night, we heard Tebow Trade number two was reality. The Jets agreed to pay 2.5 million dollars to the Broncos. I wonder how Mark "Santerrible" Sanchez feels? He has one of the league's most popular players breathing down his back. That's awesome. Sanchez will have to play second fiddle to Tebow, even though he's the starting quarterback. Move over Sabchez's ego. Make room for Tebowmania.

That was only part of the news on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon, we learned of the fate of the New Orleans "We love to cheat" Saints. The NFL handed out harsh penalties to the cheating team. Head Coach, Sean "I'm a disgrace" Payton was suspended for one year. GM Mickey Loomis was suspended for eight games and former saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely.

That wasn't all the penalties that the Saints received. The Saints were fined the league maximum, five million big ones and lost two second round draft picks.

The penalties handed down to the cheating franchise were the best news of the day. Now Sportmentary is looking forward to the penalties that will soon be handed down to the Saints cheating players.

The week's not over yet. What will the rest of the week provide us? Who knows but isn't the first three days enough for an entire month? Oh what a week this has been!

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