Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NFL Owners Send the Message that Hurting Quarterbacks is OK

The NFL owners voted to allow horse-collar tackles against quarterbacks who are in the pocket. Sportmentary believes that this sends a message to NFL players that it's OK to hurt quarterbacks. It also sends a mixed message about what the NFL is trying to establish when it says that it is concerned with player injuries, like concussions.

New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers - Jan. 22, 2012: Eli Manning
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Currently, it's against the rules to tackle other players in a horse-collar fashion. The reasons is that it can seriously hurt the player. Neck and head injuries can result from this type of tackling. The owners must think, that if a quarterback is stationary or has limited movement, that horse-collar tackles will result in few injuries and that the severity of those injuries will be minor.

That's horse manure. The NFL needs to remain consistent. If it's against the rules in every other scenario, then the NFL owners should have voted to make it illegal for pocket situations as well. Defensive players are receiving confusing messages. It's hard to keep it straight about what's allowed and what's not allowed. This is ridiculous.

The NFL has been serious about protecting quarterbacks form hits and tackles that can seriously injure them. Horse-collar tackles fall into this category as far as Sportmentary is concerned. I don't think it's ever OK to yank a guy from behind by his jersey collar. This is one of the dumbest votes ever by NFL owners.

I would like to see an explanation by the NFL, why they voted this way. If they have a valid reason for allowing any kind of horse-collar tackling, I would like to know what it is. Wouldn't it have been simple just to ban the practice outright? Wouldn't that have sent the right message to all NFL players? Wouldn't that have ensured clarity among the rules?

I'm sure that NFL players think that NFL owners are bunch of buffoons. They are acting like they're clueless. This vote was disgusting and it sends a message that its open season on quarterbacks. If I was an NFL quarterback, I would be angry today!

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