Friday, March 23, 2012

NFL Network Should Have Fired Sapp

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The NFL netwrok should have fired Warren "I'm Bitter Tree Juice" Sapp. Sapp had tweeted earlier this week that Jeremy Shockey was the player who was the whistle blower in bountygate. Shockey has denied those claims and is seems as if suspended New Orleans coach, Sean Payton backs up that claim.

Sapp's behavior is disgusting and unprofessional. It may even be slanderous. I would like to see Shockey sue the idiot. What Sapp did, was to accuse Shockey without having evidence. This could cause former and future teammates of Shockey's to ostracize him. It could also affect his employment possibilities or how he's utilized by a team.

Hopefully, his fellow players will believe that he wasn't the snitch. Hopefully Shockey will be able to recover his tarnished reputation that Sapp so easily tried to destroy.

Warren Sapp is not a reporter. He's an NFL analyst. His first unofficial reporting assignment blew up in his employer's face and embarrassed them. The NFL network are a bunch of sissies for not firing him. If it were most other employees, they would have received their pink slips.

Why is the NFL network protecting this Sapp? I have no idea but it can't be due to his abilities in broadcasting. Sapp sucks at what he does. I'm not sure how anyone can tolerate listening to his dribble and rants. He's extremely annoying.

Sapp did far better as a Dancing With The Stars contestant than he's doing as an NFL network analyst. He should seriously consider retiring as an NFL analyst and put everyone out of their misery. Listening to this clown makes me want to stick my head in a vice. At least that would be less painful than listening to Tree Juice.

I'm really angered that the NFL Network acted without class in this matter. Keeping a bonehead like Sapp, who disgraced the network is shameful and incomprehensible. I can't say that their decision leaves me speechless, since it's clear that I'm going off on my own rant.

One thing is certain. When the foul mouthed Sapp, takes to the airwaves, I won't be tuning in. I would rather listen to a daycare full of crying infants. That would also be less painful than listening to Sapp.

Another thing that would sound better than listening to Sapp, is a jack hammer. Basically anything is better than listening to him whine and cry. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. That's why it makes the NFL Network's decision even more perplexing!

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