Friday, March 2, 2012

The New Orleans Saints are a Dirty Team

ESPN is reporting that the NFL will be conducting hearings into potential disciplinary action against the New Orleans Saints. An NFL investigation found that the Saints had a bounty system, rewarding players who injured targeted opposing, resulting in those players leaving the game.

 According to the NFL investigation, New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis failed to stop the program when directed by owner Tom Benson. Coach Sean Payton was aware of this program but did not investigate it further. The program was in effect for the 2009 to 2011 seasons.

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I've always maintained that Brett Favre was targeted by the Saints in the NFC championship game. If anyone watched the game with open eyes, they saw Saints defensive players hitting Favre well after the play was over. The Saints didn't care because all they received were 15 yard penalties The damage done to Favre was much greater. Saints players probably received bounties for the hits.

There's no place in sports for this type of behavior. The NFL has a chance to send a message to this dirty thug team. The Saints must be suspended for an entire football season. Their owner must be fined three million dollars and Loomis must be expelled from the NFL. A lifetime ban is necessary here. Loomis must be fined one million dollars in addition to his lifetime ban. Sean Payton must be fined 500,000 dollars

Greg Williams who was the Saints defensive coordinator at the time and who administered the program must be permanently banned from the NFL. The NFL is investigating a potential bounty program administered by Williams when he was with the Washington Redskins.

Sean Peyton who had knowledge of the program must be suspended for year and fined one million dollars. Peyton could have put a stop to this nonsense but did nothing to stop a program that injured opposing players.

Any player who is named as a violator must be suspended for an entire NFL season (beyond the team's one year ban). They should also be fined one million dollars each. After reinstatement, any player being flagged for a flagrant foul, should be expelled from the league.

I think the penalties I've mentioned above are extremely harsh and unlikely to be handed out but it would send a message to NFL players, coaches and management that this type of behavior is unethical, deplorable and intolerable. As mentioned above, I knew the Saints were thugs. That's why I never routed for them in the Super Bowl. They are despicable people.

What the Saints have been accused of makes the New England Patriots spygate look like nothing. I hope that fans throughout the NFL react negatively to the Saints organization and know that this team is a horrible team.

I know I'm ranting but the fact that an NFL team paid a bounty to hurt opposing players is disgusting. There's absolutely know place for a dirty team like this. I think Detroit Lions player Ndamukong Suh is licking his chops, since this would be a great team for the dirty player. It would be a marriage made in heaven.

The New Orleans Saints are a dirty football team and must pay for their actions. It's too bad that the NFL can't take away their Super Bowl championship. That would be the ultimate penalty. Cheaters should not be rewarded for their actions.

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