Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Minnesota Vikings are Off to a Sloppy Start in 2012

Vikings fans are looking for something to cheer about in 2012. We've had a tough couple of seasons and we deserve to see a better product on the field. Unfortunately, the Minnesota Vikings are off to a piss poor start in 2012.

Sportmentary places all the blame on Vikings Genereal  Manager (GM), Rick Spielman. This was one of the better free agency classes in many years but Spielman has failed miserably, adding no name, third tier players who didn't contribute with their teams.

Sportmentary expected the organization, which has owners who are willing to spend money, to make serious moves on a couple of the free agents that were available. Spielman  elected to go after cheap players. The Vikings should know what you get when you go cheap. They will get yugos instead of a Cadillacs.

The team's latest bargain came in the form of cornerback Zack Bowman, formerly of the Chicago Bears. Zack who? Looking at Bowman's statistics, he had his worst season last year. I'm not sure if it was due to less playing time but his numbers were awful when comparing his 2011 numbers to his 2010 and 2009 numbers.

This is garbage. Picking up a player who didn't contribute much to his team last year and a player which other NFL teams didn't want, is absolutely ridiculous. This makes the Vikings look like amateurs. The team is adding no name after no name players. Each player comes with a cheaper price tag than the other.

I believe that Spielman is causing Vikings fans to become angrier and angrier as each day goes by. This off season should have been an opportunity to mend the wounds form the past couple of years and to provide some excitement for this coming season. Spielman has made things worse.

The Vikings went 3-13 last year and at this rate, I don't think they will fair much better. This is going down as one of the worst eras in Vikings history. It's a sad time for the Vikings and their fans. I believe that Vikings ownership needs to fire Speielman. If we are rebuilding, this is the time to cut your losses with this incompetent GM and bring in someone who has a clue.

Time is running out for Vikings fans. There's not much more that we can endure. Witnessing this sloppy start tot the 2012 season is awful. It's time to change course and bring in a management team that knows how to build a winner. This team will not win with Spielman. He's an awful GM.

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